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Will The NRA Defend Homemade Plastic Guns? I Seriously Doubt It

Via The New York Times:

Homemade plastic guns are a reality, made possible by the proliferation of 3-D printing technology that was only getting started when the law was first passed by Congress and signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988.

The expiring law bans guns that can pass unnoticed through a metal detector, and has been renewed twice in the 25 years since it was first enacted. But with the expiration date a little more than a week away, reauthorizing it has been caught up in a political standoff that has thwarted other recent attempts to enact gun safety legislation.

Here’s the telling bit:

The National Rifle Association, whose position will carry significant weight with many in Congress, has not publicly signaled where it stands. A spokesman for the N.R.A. did not respond to several requests for comment.

The NRA is kind of trapped. On the one hand, their corporate masters would very much like for homemade plastic guns to be made illegal. There is almost no money to be made there and their existence cuts into the profits of the gun industry.

On the other hand, there is no way to square that stance with the NRA’s phony public stance in “defense” of the Second Amendment. They have explicitly stated, over and over, that people need their guns to defend against the evil government and should be allowed to openly carry everywhere at all times. How do you do a 180 and insist that plastic guns are a danger to the public?

That is precisely what the PR boys at the NRA are trying to figure out right now.

Right Wing Guns = Right Wing Fear

I kind of feel bad for right wing gun nuts. Can you imagine going through life so afraid that you need a gun to cling to the same way a child needs a security blanket?

Make no mistake, that’s what this gun craze is: Pure right wing fear. They’re so terrified of the world that the only way they can get through the day is by fondling their guns and imagining killing the “bad guy.” The NRA certainly knows this and is making a fortune by capitalizing on it. Whip up the fear and the suckers will run out and buy more guns! And it’s totally working.

Take these quivering tough guys: America’s Last Flame. It’s post after post of “Look how unafraid I am! I am not scared! I’M NOT SCARED!” Pretty much every picture that doesn’t have a gun in it is about how they’ll fight for their freedom against the evil gub’mint. The rest are declarations of how much they love America, except, you know, for the part where the lawfully elected government needs to be overthrown. A very odd definition of patriotism if you ask me.

But I get the fear. I really do! The conservative movement has had the run of the country for almost 40 years. In that time they gorged on greed, intolerance and unearned privilege. The result is that America is in terrible shape and everyone knows who’s responsible. At the same time, the racial demographics of the country are rapidly moving against the right and the party’s almost over.

Right wing gun nuts aren’t really afraid that the evil gub’mint is coming for them. Or that Mexicans are going to kill them. Or that Negroes are going to rape their women. What they’re really afraid of is that they’ll be treated they way the right has treated everyone else for all this time. They know they’ve literally gotten away with murder for generations and that’s about to all end.

Is it any wonder they’ve been reduced to worshipping guns and dreaming of violent revolution? If they can’t win at the ballot box they’ll threaten to blow up the country if they don’t get their way! Bullying and intimidation have become the Viagra to cure their cultural and electoral impotence. Except it won’t work.

The closer they get to irrelevance, the louder and more frantic they’ll become. At some point, some small percentage of the right, pushed to the edge by years of fear-mongering and marginalization, will resort to terrorism. It’s almost inevitable. Domestic terrorism will be the only outlet left to them. When that happens, it will be ugly and horrible but it will be the death knell of the nightmare that is the modern conservative movement.

Repeating History

As I prepared  myself for Sabbath today, it was brought to my attention that tomorrow may stand in infamy. Now, pardon me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Guy Fawkes day on the 5th? The Tea party seems to be a little late to the party…

Anyway, on a more serious note, it seems that the Teabaggers decided to show their real colors by playing on the deeply held racist hypocritical insane beliefs that POTUS cannot legally be the Commander in Chief under any circumstance (Who would’ve guessed bigots weren’t down with the swirl?) and therefore must be excised like the cancerous tumor on America he is. Problem is, everything they’re planning to do is completely illegal, and dangerous. If Larry Klayman actually nuts up and does what he’s threatening to do, people will die.

Surprise surprise, this seems to be inspired by the NRA passing out pamphlets calling for violent insurrection, statingELECTIONS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEM; ELECTIONS ARE THE PROBLEM! Now, I want you to raise your hand if you think that, if this actually goes down, the NRA will be held responsible in any way for promoting this, or it will spur gun control measures. I want you to do this, because I want to know who to tell that they’re wrong. The Left will be silenced by the “liberal” media, crying martyr, the GOP will finally give the moist, horse-shaped, crater of Benghazi a rest as they latch onto their newest scandal like the parasitic lamprey they are, and the NRA will trot out their “Good Guy With a Gun” speech again. The country will be transfixed on this for three days, then move on; business as usual.

Wow, for a post on a day that’s supposed to be devoted to rest, enlightenment, and strengthening your inner peace, this is getting depressing quick…

To close, I will offer a short history lesson. In 1605, Guy Fawkes entered the basement of Parliament with the intent to assassinate King James I of England, with the intent to detonate a bomb, end the monarchy, and replace it with a fascist catholic theocracy. Though the conspiracy, later known as The Jesuit Treason or Gunpowder Plot, was inevitably a failure, and Fawkes hanged for treason, it is still remembered every November 5. The rhyme for it goes

“Remember, Remember, the fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason Plot.
I see no reason, this gunpowder treason,
should ever be forgot”

Now, the meaning there is to remember that the threat of terrorism can be domestic as well as foreign, but most seem to think it translates to “Don’t like your government? Blow the fucker up.” The dark half of me wants this event to go through, because it might finally show the country why these people need to be stopped, and maybe raise the median IQ of the country by about 20 points. (Turning off Fox News would have the same effect – ed)

To close this somewhat long rant, I will leave you with the oft-referenced quote by George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

-Don’t Panic.

The Terrorists (The NRA) Are Winning

From Think Progress:

School districts in Colorado, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and California are already stocking up on bulletproof supplies, and one school in Maryland has amassed 80 ballistic shields in its classrooms. None of this equipment comes cheap, and the backpacks are only meant to stop a bullet from a handgun, not assault weapons like the one used in Newtown. A 2006 study of school shootings also raises questions of whether security measures like metal detectors are even effective.

Psychiatrists warn that militarizing schools could cause long-term harm to children. “This is serving to increase their fear and their suspicion of their peers,’’ a psychiatry director told the Associated Press.

You know how the favorite refrain of the gun nuts is “None of these proposed laws would have stopped Newtown!”? The Newtown killer walked up and killed most of those children at close range. Even with a vest, it wouldn’t have helped. Funny how you don’t hear the gun nuts mocking how pointless these measures are when there’s money to be made. It’s almost like certain groups want parents to be so afraid, they’ll grasp at any illusion of safety. Said illusion to come at a steep price, of course.

Pro-Gun Massacre Republicans Made A Lot Of Enemies Yesterday

And they’re going to regret it. See, there’s this thing that Republicans forget: yes, people respond to the kind of fear-mongering that the NRA specializes in but they respond much more strongly to the raw emotion of a family that’s lost their child standing in front of a camera laying their grief bare for the world to see. As badly as the NRA would like to believe that the “Connecticut Effect” is going to go away, it doesn’t seem to be doing so.

Worse, they have a former Congresswoman that knows how Washington works and where to apply pressure in the form of Gabby Giffords. She’s almost literally the worst possible combination of of elements as far as the NRA is concerned. She’s from a red state, she’s not a wild eyed liberal (she was elected several times, after all), she had a “C” rating from the NRA and her husband’s an astronaut. They’re also gun owners.

She’s also going to be a very loud voice for gun control for a very long time. In a New York Times op-ed posted after the GOP voted to obey the gun industry instead of 90% of the country, Giffords had this to say:

The senators who voted against background checks for online and gun-show sales, and those who voted against checks to screen out would-be gun buyers with mental illness, failed to do their job.

They looked at these most benign and practical of solutions, offered by moderates from each party, and then they looked over their shoulder at the powerful, shadowy gun lobby — and brought shame on themselves and our government itself by choosing to do nothing.

They will try to hide their decision behind grand talk, behind willfully false accounts of what the bill might have done — trust me, I know how politicians talk when they want to distract you — but their decision was based on a misplaced sense of self-interest. I say misplaced, because to preserve their dignity and their legacy, they should have heeded the voices of their constituents. They should have honored the legacy of the thousands of victims of gun violence and their families, who have begged for action, not because it would bring their loved ones back, but so that others might be spared their agony.

This defeat is only the latest chapter of what I’ve always known would be a long, hard haul. Our democracy’s history is littered with names we neither remember nor celebrate — people who stood in the way of progress while protecting the powerful. On Wednesday, a number of senators voted to join that list.

I strongly urge you to read the whole thing.

I’m sure most of these craven Senators forget that while Giffords’ ability to speak is impaired, her ability to think is not. Good luck trying to dismiss her as a freedom-stealing liberal. A few intrepid souls tried to make fun of her slurred speech and that didn’t go over well. The smear job against her husband Mark Kelly also flopped. Trying to smear the Newtown families will meet with similar failure

The GOP made a lot of enemies yesterday and they’re going to find out that having the NRA in their corner isn’t going help come election time. This past election cycle certainly proved the mythical power of the NRA to control elections was just that: a myth.

If history is any indication, we’ll have another gun massacre in the next 12 months and people will be asking if even a modest expansion of background checks could have prevented it. LaPierre, of course, will be out there playing the fool to protect the gun manufacturers but, sooner or later, the public will tire of Wayne LaPierre’s clown act and the politicians that are still beholden to the NRA will start to pay the price.

A Perfect Example Of The Disconnect Gun Nuts Have From Reality

Via Gun Victims Action:

2,370 crime guns were traced to just one gun shop located in suburban Chicago between 1996 and 2000. Over 1,300 have been traced to the shop since 2008–as well as 20 percent of all Chicago crime guns used within a year of their purchase. Yet Chuck’s Gun Shop, in Riverdale, far from being shut down as a virtual ATM for crime guns, has actually brought suit against Cook County calling a $25 gun tax that went into effect April 1 unfair.

Now, it’s safe to assume the owner is a Republican. You know, the party of personal responsibility. What you see here is what normally occurs with the right: their rhetoric does not match up with their actions.

Now, the store is aware that thousands of its guns are being used in gun crime. They know it and it’s indisputable. Are they doing anything about it? No. Why? Because it would hurt business. They don’t have to do a thorough background check but they could certainly do it voluntarily to reduce the risk that the gun will be bought by someone likely to use it. That would be the responsible thing to do.

But gun nuts, generally conservatives and embodied by the NRA, hate this idea. Why? Because it would hurt business. The party of “personal responsibility” is vehemently opposed to taking any responsibility at all.

3670 guns, that we know of, used in gun crime all came from one shop and they’re angry at having to charge a little extra to clean up their mess. “Personal responsibility” my ass. These people are stone cold sociopaths that prize money above lives.

I look forward to the angry response in defense of Chuck’s Gun Shop. I’m sure they’ll be just as self-serving as Wayne LaPierre’s rants. Except he gets paid a lot of money to act like a fool. Your average gun nut is just gullible.

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Blame The NRA For Newtown!

Let’s watch the insane rhetorical whiplash that is about to occur!

Via Addicting info:

Police recovered an NRA publication—”NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting”—from the home of the shooter responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre, according to an article on The Raw Story. Other volumes relating to his Asperger’s and what it’s like being autistic were found as well.

Remember, according to the NRA and gun nuts everywhere. Violent video games, violent movies, bla bla bla are responsible. These things “teach” kids how to use guns therefor they are evil and totally responsible.

But how about an actual instruction manual?

From the NRA’s website:

This full-color handbook on revolver and semi-automatic pistol shooting is one in a series of NRA publications on the basics of shooting. It is the student text for the Basic Pistol Shooting Course and includes such topics as pistol parts and operation, ammunition, using a pistol safely, operating a pistol, cleaning, storing and transporting a pistol, shooting fundamentals, shooting positions, improving and maintaining shooting skills, and buying a pistol.

Anyone who says a regular video game like Call of Duty or Halo can teach you how to use a gun is as insipidly stupid as the people that claim Microsoft Flight Simulator taught the 9/11 terrorists how to fly a plane. A handbook, on the other hand, can certainly teach you how to use a gun. I wonder if we can now blame the NRA? I’m guessing absolutely not. That would be an attack on freedom and liberty and Baby Jesus might cry, bla bla bla.

We’ll also hear that he didn’t use the handgun on the kids so we can’t connect the two and that’s not fair and you liberals are just looking for an excuse and so on and so on. Nothing will ever be enough to get through the impenetrable bubble of “I must have my toy to feel powerful and virile!”

Who’s Buying All The Guns? A Tiny Group Of Paranoid Idiots

From Addicting Info:

For years, researchers have known that the number of households owning guns has been on the decline–a trend that still holds. Data from the General Social Survey–a public opinion survey conducted every two years by the University of Chicago–has tracked gun ownership since 1973. The number of gun-owning households peaked in 1977, at 54%, and has steadily declined ever since, reaching 32% in 2012.

Here, specifically, is where the rate has dropped: in large cities, in small cities, in rural areas, in all regions of the U.S.–including the South and Western mountain states, in households with children, in households without children, in households that self-describe as happy, in those that are not, in households of churchgoers, in those who don’t go to church.  In the 70′s, the rate of household ownership was 50%; in the 80′s, 49%; in the 90′s, 43%; in the 2000′s, 35%.

In other words, gun ownership is dropping everywhere. So when gun nuts proudly proclaim how gun sales are going through the roof? That’s the same small group of macho jerks that jump every time the NRA says, “BOO!”

Personally, I’m perfectly fine with that. Let this small group stockpile their weapons and quiver in terror in their basements. They’ll be left behind like every other group of (generally right wing) backward knuckle draggers. As long as we keep the NRA from infecting the general population with their buy-more-guns fear, the number of gun owners will dwindle and so will the already waning (and mostly fictional) power of the gun lobby.

GOP/NRA Propaganda Works – Town In Georgia Wants A Gun In Every Home

How can you tell the fearmongering on the GOP and its leash holder, the NRA, is working on those of feeble mind?

Via Raw Story:

A small town in Georgia has proposed an ordinance that would require “the head of household” in every home to own a gun and ammunition.

Town leaders in Nelson on Tuesday told WSB-TV that they had drafted the ordinance because they only have one police officer on duty for eight hours a day. And they worry that sheriff deputies cannot provide enough protection during the 16 hours each night that no officer is patrolling.

“When he’s not here we rely on county sheriffs–however it takes a while for them to get here,” Nelson City Councilman Duane Cronic, who drafted the proposal, explained.

Cronic’s ordinance reads: “In order to provide for the emergency management of the city, and further in order to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare of the city and its inhabitants, every head of household residing in city limits is required to maintain a firearm, together with ammunition.”

So instead of a tiny raise in taxes to pay for a full time police department, everyone needs to arm themselves from the roving bands of (black) marauders that will lay siege to the town?

Not everyone is on board with living in terror, though:

But Nelson resident Lamar Kellett called the idea “big government at its worst.”

“Why have an ordinance if you’re not going to enforce it? What’s the point?” Kellett asked. “They just want publicity to say Nelson is a town full of weapons.”

“This is big government at its worst: Government mandating what a free individual can and will have in his home.”

It’s actually worse than that. What Cronic is saying is that not only is the government incapable of protecting you, it won’t take any steps to remedy that situation. It’s the ultimate in the “you’re on your own” society.

It’s the republican wet dream.

NRA Reaches New Heights Of Hypocrisy And Indifference

The NRA has a truly sick sense of humor. After whining about violent video games being the real cause of mass shooting (along with a lengthy list of other stuff that somehow forgot to include actual guns), they’ve released a smart phone app called “NRA: Practice Range.” Just in time for the one month anniversary of the Newtown massacre.

Here’s a screen shot of the game:

Yeah, that’s supposed to be an MK11 sniper rifle. Not a hunting rifle. A high powered sniper rifle praised by the military. The other gun to “practice” with is a hand gun and the targets are human/coffin shaped wit the bulls-eyes located where the heart and brain are.

They’ll be no pretending this is just for “fun” or “hunting.” This game is supposed to train you to kill people.

Now, let’s be real, it’s a game and an app at that. You can learn to shoot straight about as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator taught the 9/11 hijackers how to fly a plane (a long time and utterly ridiculous rumor). The point is that the NRA, “horrified” at violent games is selling one that “Instills safe and responsible ownership through fun challenges and realistic simulations. It strikes the right balance of gaming and safety education, allowing you to enjoy the most authentic experience possible.”

And it’s rated appropriate for ages 4+.

Take a moment and imagine if there were an Occupy game that instructed four year olds how to shoot at bank logos. The outrage at such “indoctrination and calls for violence” would be deafening. But it’s OK to teach children to aim for the brain or heart of humans. Because…I dunno…Freedom!

Just in case someone tries to explain it away by saying the game was already in production? Bullshit. Video games get canceled all the time. Even games that have millions already spent on development get canned. Apps don’t have a fraction of the budget of, say, Starcraft: Ghost which was mostly complete when it was scrapped. The NRA could easily shut it down or delayed it for several months. Alternatively, if they wanted, they could have easily locked and hidden the shooting part (it’s only a part of the app) for six months out of the same respect they demand for the victims when people bring up gun control. The difference, of course, is that the NRA doesn’t care about the victims, they just want gun control advocates to shut up.

I can’t wait to see the screeching gun nut defense of this. I guarantee they will reverse every statement about video games in a heartbeat or settle for the “what’s a matter liberals? I thought games weren’t dangerous?” line of defense.

No shame whatsoever.