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72 YO Alzheimer’s Sufferer Put Out Of His Misery By “Man” Standing His Ground

Americans Against the Tea Party reported earlier on the 30th  that a 72 year old man was gunned down in suburban Georgia this Thanksgivings.

Say it with me folks.

What. The. Fuck?!

First off, some context; the man was suffering from Alzheimer’s, a terrifying disease that causes you to slowly lose yourself one memory at a time. He had become confused as to where he lives (an all too common occurrence with demented patients), and had gone to his old home thinking his family was there; in actuality a new (possibly terrifyingly stupid) family had moved in. By the time Ronald Westbrook met his end, he had, sadly, been wandering around the freezing neighborhood in nothing heavier than a light jacket and straw hat. His only company was his dog. His family hadn’t even realized he was missing until roughly the same time as his assailant had shot him.

Joe Hendrix, emulating our favorite RWNJ George Zimmerman, confronted Mr. westbrook on his porch with a .40 caliber handgun while his fiance was calling police about a possible prowler.

I’m going to stop this account right here to ask what the fuck he was thinking?  joe Hendrix is 34, and from what I can gather, likely at least about as fit and strong as I am; Ronald Westbrook, on the other hand, was a 72 year old grandfather. I have several family members who have served in the military, including a grandfather and father-in-law who served in the vietnam war as navy and army respectfully. I wouldn’t be scared if confronted by either one unless they were armed and dangerous, which Ronald clearly was not. He was probably suffering from stage 1 hypothermia for fuck’s sake!

Yes, the man wasn’t obeying verbal commands to stop or back away, but what do you expect from a man so confused he thinks that your house is his own? In what way does this, this coward putting 4 slugs into an old man’s chest, seem like a justified act? Because apparently, right now, that’s what it is. Thanks to yet another Stand Your Ground law, the cops claim that, while he should have stayed in his house (kinda like how Zimmerman should’ve stayed in his car), what he did wasn’t illegal.

Say it again folks,




I saw this story and wanted to cry. As I’m writing this, tears are welling up in my eyes over the thought of this family losing their patriarch the day before a holiday meant to celebrate everything good in your life. This shit needs to stop; we cannot continue letting these asinine gun laws continue allowing people who treat movies like Die Hard and Roadhouse as if they were porn. I’m honestly thoroughly convinced some of the people who keep cropping up in the news see movies like this less as cheesy male fantasy and more as instructional manuals.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against defending your home; the missus keeps a (registered) pistol from her father for emergencies, and I have a hefty steel bastard sword for the same reason; thing is, the missus and I both believe that, until they actually cross the threshold, it is an officer’s duty to take care of them.

I live downtown with roughly 8 bars (if you count the dive bars, nightclubs, and gastropubs) within a half mile of my soon-to-be-vacant apartment. Every weekend, and some weeknights, there will be drunk bastards walking home (at least they’re responsible enough not to drive), hooting and hollering like a pack of howler monkeys. I’ve had two try to come inside my home while blackout drunk, one through the front door, one an unsecured window, only to run when they noticed that A.) the chain was on the door, and B.) our dog, Angel, started barking. If I shot/stabbed/bludgeoned/etc. everyone the Castle Doctrine claimed I was allowed to, There’d likely be a permanent blood splatter on my stoop. I, however, have the crazy notion that people should get a chance to either explain themselves or retreat, thankfully.

When will we pay the debt of blood required for common sense gun reform? How many more have to die to offer the NRA its blood money? When will this nightmarish existence our (well, your) children have to grow up in finally end?

-Don’t Panic

Right Wing Guns = Right Wing Fear

I kind of feel bad for right wing gun nuts. Can you imagine going through life so afraid that you need a gun to cling to the same way a child needs a security blanket?

Make no mistake, that’s what this gun craze is: Pure right wing fear. They’re so terrified of the world that the only way they can get through the day is by fondling their guns and imagining killing the “bad guy.” The NRA certainly knows this and is making a fortune by capitalizing on it. Whip up the fear and the suckers will run out and buy more guns! And it’s totally working.

Take these quivering tough guys: America’s Last Flame. It’s post after post of “Look how unafraid I am! I am not scared! I’M NOT SCARED!” Pretty much every picture that doesn’t have a gun in it is about how they’ll fight for their freedom against the evil gub’mint. The rest are declarations of how much they love America, except, you know, for the part where the lawfully elected government needs to be overthrown. A very odd definition of patriotism if you ask me.

But I get the fear. I really do! The conservative movement has had the run of the country for almost 40 years. In that time they gorged on greed, intolerance and unearned privilege. The result is that America is in terrible shape and everyone knows who’s responsible. At the same time, the racial demographics of the country are rapidly moving against the right and the party’s almost over.

Right wing gun nuts aren’t really afraid that the evil gub’mint is coming for them. Or that Mexicans are going to kill them. Or that Negroes are going to rape their women. What they’re really afraid of is that they’ll be treated they way the right has treated everyone else for all this time. They know they’ve literally gotten away with murder for generations and that’s about to all end.

Is it any wonder they’ve been reduced to worshipping guns and dreaming of violent revolution? If they can’t win at the ballot box they’ll threaten to blow up the country if they don’t get their way! Bullying and intimidation have become the Viagra to cure their cultural and electoral impotence. Except it won’t work.

The closer they get to irrelevance, the louder and more frantic they’ll become. At some point, some small percentage of the right, pushed to the edge by years of fear-mongering and marginalization, will resort to terrorism. It’s almost inevitable. Domestic terrorism will be the only outlet left to them. When that happens, it will be ugly and horrible but it will be the death knell of the nightmare that is the modern conservative movement.

A Blind Man With A Gun: The Perfect Metaphor For The American Right Wing

A couple of months ago, a study was released that showed that conservatives are completely disconnected from the consequences of their politics. It doesn’t matter if banning contraceptives increases the number of abortions, all that matters to them is punishing whores their “religious beliefs.” It doesn’t matter if cutting billions from food stamps will send millions of children to bed hungry every night as long as niggers those people don’t get a free meal.

And now we have this:

If you’re the kind of person who thinks people should be able to see what they’re shooting at, you might want to stay out of the state of Iowa.

You may recall that in January, shortly after the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Stevie Wonder spoke out about the need for tighter gun laws, telling CNN’s Piers Morgan, “Imagine me with a gun. It’s just crazy.”

Well, not crazy to some sheriffs in Iowa. Many of them believe that it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act to deny gun permits based on blindness.

Consequences be damned! Freedom! ‘Murika!

The Terrorists Are Unstoppable!

Via Think Progress:

INGRAHAM: What do you say to Joe Scarborough, all these other people who say, under your theory Senator Inhofe, a terrorist — someone in the country who wants to be a terrorist — nothing is stopping him from going into a gun show and getting a gun from a none licensed dealer….

INHOFE: Well, the terrorist, they are a part of, not by definition part of a criminal, because they are terrorists, but I would say the same thing is true for terrorists that is for criminals. And that is, if someone in the United States of America or any other place too the criminal element or the terrorist element they will be able to get those. The problem I have is that any restrictions, such as the ones we voted against last week, would have the effect of reducing the number of firearms nationwide and would disproportionately reduce them for law abiding citizens, that’s what I would say to Joe Scarborough.

No law ever stopped a criminal from doing anything! EVER! That’s why terrorists are constantly attacking American cities with grenades and flamethrowers and fully automatic machine guns! Oh wait, they only attack with stuff they can get easily because they don’t want to attract attention. Making it harder to get makes it more likely they will raise a red flag and be caught before anyone dies. Plain, simple and irrefutable logic.

But that makes it harder for regular citizens! They might have to wait an extra day or two! That’s tyranny! Oppression! Nazis! GENOCIDE!

It’s amazing how easily conservatives find it to make voting harder for regular citizens to “protect” elections but god forbid you make it a little harder to get a gun to protect people from terrorists. Terorrists! You know, the greatest threat ever ever EVER as far as the GOP is concerned? Apparently. that’s not important when there’s guns to sell to dickless gun nuts looking to butch up.

BTW, did you catch Inhofe trying to dance around calling terrorists “criminals?” Can’t say that or you lose your “Take away their constitutional rights!” talking point…

The Terrorists (The NRA) Are Winning

From Think Progress:

School districts in Colorado, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and California are already stocking up on bulletproof supplies, and one school in Maryland has amassed 80 ballistic shields in its classrooms. None of this equipment comes cheap, and the backpacks are only meant to stop a bullet from a handgun, not assault weapons like the one used in Newtown. A 2006 study of school shootings also raises questions of whether security measures like metal detectors are even effective.

Psychiatrists warn that militarizing schools could cause long-term harm to children. “This is serving to increase their fear and their suspicion of their peers,’’ a psychiatry director told the Associated Press.

You know how the favorite refrain of the gun nuts is “None of these proposed laws would have stopped Newtown!”? The Newtown killer walked up and killed most of those children at close range. Even with a vest, it wouldn’t have helped. Funny how you don’t hear the gun nuts mocking how pointless these measures are when there’s money to be made. It’s almost like certain groups want parents to be so afraid, they’ll grasp at any illusion of safety. Said illusion to come at a steep price, of course.

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! Gun Nuts And Racists And Thatcher, Oh My!


This week’s episode in which we lament the passing of Margaret Thatcher, Blight Of The U.K., Companies and banks that will happily throw food away before giving to the hungry, the new Gun Nut Excuse of the Week, Confederate History Month and how the Civil War really was about slavery no matter how badly racist douchebags want to pretend otherwise and a Special Comment for my little bullying troll, Jeremy Werner.

This is just some of the food that was carted away. Yay Amurika!

This is just some of the food that was carted away. Yay Amurika!

In case you don’t want to watch three fat liberals, I’ve included a link to download the audio under the video!

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A Perfect Example Of The Disconnect Gun Nuts Have From Reality

Via Gun Victims Action:

2,370 crime guns were traced to just one gun shop located in suburban Chicago between 1996 and 2000. Over 1,300 have been traced to the shop since 2008–as well as 20 percent of all Chicago crime guns used within a year of their purchase. Yet Chuck’s Gun Shop, in Riverdale, far from being shut down as a virtual ATM for crime guns, has actually brought suit against Cook County calling a $25 gun tax that went into effect April 1 unfair.

Now, it’s safe to assume the owner is a Republican. You know, the party of personal responsibility. What you see here is what normally occurs with the right: their rhetoric does not match up with their actions.

Now, the store is aware that thousands of its guns are being used in gun crime. They know it and it’s indisputable. Are they doing anything about it? No. Why? Because it would hurt business. They don’t have to do a thorough background check but they could certainly do it voluntarily to reduce the risk that the gun will be bought by someone likely to use it. That would be the responsible thing to do.

But gun nuts, generally conservatives and embodied by the NRA, hate this idea. Why? Because it would hurt business. The party of “personal responsibility” is vehemently opposed to taking any responsibility at all.

3670 guns, that we know of, used in gun crime all came from one shop and they’re angry at having to charge a little extra to clean up their mess. “Personal responsibility” my ass. These people are stone cold sociopaths that prize money above lives.

I look forward to the angry response in defense of Chuck’s Gun Shop. I’m sure they’ll be just as self-serving as Wayne LaPierre’s rants. Except he gets paid a lot of money to act like a fool. Your average gun nut is just gullible.

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Blame The NRA For Newtown!

Let’s watch the insane rhetorical whiplash that is about to occur!

Via Addicting info:

Police recovered an NRA publication—”NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting”—from the home of the shooter responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre, according to an article on The Raw Story. Other volumes relating to his Asperger’s and what it’s like being autistic were found as well.

Remember, according to the NRA and gun nuts everywhere. Violent video games, violent movies, bla bla bla are responsible. These things “teach” kids how to use guns therefor they are evil and totally responsible.

But how about an actual instruction manual?

From the NRA’s website:

This full-color handbook on revolver and semi-automatic pistol shooting is one in a series of NRA publications on the basics of shooting. It is the student text for the Basic Pistol Shooting Course and includes such topics as pistol parts and operation, ammunition, using a pistol safely, operating a pistol, cleaning, storing and transporting a pistol, shooting fundamentals, shooting positions, improving and maintaining shooting skills, and buying a pistol.

Anyone who says a regular video game like Call of Duty or Halo can teach you how to use a gun is as insipidly stupid as the people that claim Microsoft Flight Simulator taught the 9/11 terrorists how to fly a plane. A handbook, on the other hand, can certainly teach you how to use a gun. I wonder if we can now blame the NRA? I’m guessing absolutely not. That would be an attack on freedom and liberty and Baby Jesus might cry, bla bla bla.

We’ll also hear that he didn’t use the handgun on the kids so we can’t connect the two and that’s not fair and you liberals are just looking for an excuse and so on and so on. Nothing will ever be enough to get through the impenetrable bubble of “I must have my toy to feel powerful and virile!”

I Feel Stupider After Hearing Fox’s New Reason Why We Need Assault Weapons



First we needed them to fight roving gangs of criminals. Then we needed them to fight off the government. Then we needed them to protect ourselves after the collapse of civilization. And now we have the latest excuse from Fox News contributor Angela McGlowan as to why regular citizens need military style weapons:

In case Iran or Syria attack us on American soil. Seriously:

“What scares the hell out of me we have a president, as we were discussing during break, that wants to take away our guns, but yet he wants to attack Iran and Syria. So if they come and attack us here, we don’t have the right to bear arms under this Obama administration.”

Is there a word for how stupid you have to be to think another country, ANY country could mount an assault on America’s shores or borders? How would they get here? By boat? We have a navy that could crush every other navy in the world combined. By air? Our air force is  several generations ahead of our closest competitor, China. Iran’s newest airplane is twenty years old. By ground? Does she think we wouldn’t notice if Iran invaded Canada or Mexico? I swear I heard brain cells screaming as they jumped out of my ears to escape the breathtaking stupidity of the entire segment.

Lou Dobbs didn’t help any. Ooooh, we have al Qaeda cells in the US? BOOGA BOOGA! The terrorists are under your bed! Let’s say they are. What’s a bunch of right wing imbeciles with delusions of Rambohood going to do? Besides get themselves killed? There’s a reason we spend millions of dollars training professionals. If it was so easy for the regular schmuck on the street with a gun to handle a crisis, we wouldn’t NEED police or SWAT or the National Guard. And for those people who think this is actually true  you’re a fucking idiot and are exactly the type of person that should NOT have access to a gun. You’re too fucking stupid and irresponsible to be trusted with a weapon more deadly than a Swiss Army knife.

Just as an aside, there’s something sad about watching a black woman do the “sassy attitude” thing in defense of gun deregulation. I can only assume that she hasn’t had any friends or relatives slaughtered by the gun violence that ravages black neighborhoods more than anywhere else. Maybe she should move to Chicago, have a few kids and tell us how safe she feels with all the guns around her. As she smugly talks about the murder rate and BOOM, it has strict gun control laws, she forgets, like all gun nuts do, that while Chicago has strict gun control, all the areas around it do not and guess where alllll those guns come from?

Fucking imbecile.

GOP Wants Gun Dealers To ‘Lose’ As Many Guns As They Want

As reported by TPM via Bob Cesca:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bipartisan Senate bill preventing a federal shutdown would make four long-standing gun protections permanent, including one preventing the Justice Department from requiring firearms dealers to conduct inventories to make sure weapons haven’t been stolen, congressional aides from both parties said.

Another provision made permanent would prevent the government from changing the definition of antique guns, which can sometimes be easier to obtain than modern weapons. Two others would block the department from denying a license to firearms dealers who report no business activity, and require the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to include language in firearms data stating that the information can’t be used to make conclusions about gun crimes.

There’s this fun thing gun dealers do when they don’t want to lose a sale because of a background check; they “lose” the gun and magically have the cash equivalent appear in their register. They also do this to avoid paying sales tax (a lot of gar mechanics do this sort of thing). The end result is untraceable weapons get loose in the streets. Some stores report thousands of dollars of “lost” inventory. In 2011, the ATF estimated that over 62,000 guns were “lost” since 2008 and considering how undermanned the ATF is and the lack of cooperation they receive the number is guaranteed to be far higher.

Yet, the GOP wants to make it illegal to force gun dealers to keep track of their deadly merchandise? They want to allow dealers who do all of their business under the counter to stay in business? And my favorite: No matter what the data says, the ATF has to say it can’t possibly have any impact on gun crime?

The GOP has officially declared that they don’t give a flying fuck about gun massacres and gun crime. They’re simply whores for the gun industry.