Right Wing Guns = Right Wing Fear

I kind of feel bad for right wing gun nuts. Can you imagine going through life so afraid that you need a gun to cling to the same way a child needs a security blanket?

Make no mistake, that’s what this gun craze is: Pure right wing fear. They’re so terrified of the world that the only way they can get through the day is by fondling their guns and imagining killing the “bad guy.” The NRA certainly knows this and is making a fortune by capitalizing on it. Whip up the fear and the suckers will run out and buy more guns! And it’s totally working.

Take these quivering tough guys: America’s Last Flame. It’s post after post of “Look how unafraid I am! I am not scared! I’M NOT SCARED!” Pretty much every picture that doesn’t have a gun in it is about how they’ll fight for their freedom against the evil gub’mint. The rest are declarations of how much they love America, except, you know, for the part where the lawfully elected government needs to be overthrown. A very odd definition of patriotism if you ask me.

But I get the fear. I really do! The conservative movement has had the run of the country for almost 40 years. In that time they gorged on greed, intolerance and unearned privilege. The result is that America is in terrible shape and everyone knows who’s responsible. At the same time, the racial demographics of the country are rapidly moving against the right and the party’s almost over.

Right wing gun nuts aren’t really afraid that the evil gub’mint is coming for them. Or that Mexicans are going to kill them. Or that Negroes are going to rape their women. What they’re really afraid of is that they’ll be treated they way the right has treated everyone else for all this time. They know they’ve literally gotten away with murder for generations and that’s about to all end.

Is it any wonder they’ve been reduced to worshipping guns and dreaming of violent revolution? If they can’t win at the ballot box they’ll threaten to blow up the country if they don’t get their way! Bullying and intimidation have become the Viagra to cure their cultural and electoral impotence. Except it won’t work.

The closer they get to irrelevance, the louder and more frantic they’ll become. At some point, some small percentage of the right, pushed to the edge by years of fear-mongering and marginalization, will resort to terrorism. It’s almost inevitable. Domestic terrorism will be the only outlet left to them. When that happens, it will be ugly and horrible but it will be the death knell of the nightmare that is the modern conservative movement.

Obamacare Is Not Going to Hurt Grandma

The conservative attack on Obamacare has been a string of subversive lies meant to undermine the United States’ first real attempt at regulating the healthcare industry. From the beginning, Republican and libertarian conservatives screamed that the money to fund the ACA would be stolen from Medicare and that senior citizens would pay the price in less services. This misrepresentation of the facts was successful in engaging a large section of their conservative base.

Go on any conservative website with a story about Obamacare and scan for comments about the negative affects Obamacare has had on Medicare and the people who depend on those services. The falsehoods embraced by the senior citizen demographic is staggering. Twenty percent of the United States population receives some kind of Social Security benefit. Historically this has been a big conservative voting block and conservative mouthpieces have never missed a chance to defraud them by lies, while using intimidation to promote fear and anger.

Liberals, on the other hand, have never been very good at promoting and marketing our values. We need to start steering this ship with bold strokes and stop choking on minutia. On this one issue we have command of the ship, in spite of the crew threatening mutiny at every turn. Affordable healthcare is here, in all its pathetic patch-worked glory. As true liberal activists we should be defending the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Don’t be afraid of failure because it didn’t launch perfectly. There are several benefits of the ACA that have enhanced Medicare since 2010, but most seniors don’t even know they can thank the ACA.

We should be thankful this day has finally come and stop acting embarrassed. We don’t need to make excuses for the ACA. It has survived unprecedented assault by conservative lawmakers. This entire process of implementation has been overshadowed by the constant barrage of threats by conservative coalitions. Yet, still it survives!

Thousands of devoted liberal-minded people have worked countless hours to pry open the door to affordable healthcare for the people of the United States. Many of those devoted to this cause did not live to see it implemented. It is far from perfect. It may be more like a boat than a ship, but it is ours! We played capture the flag on this issue with the conservatives for more than 100 years. We won. We won graciously. Liberals gave conservatives the national healthcare plan THEY wanted, even if they do call it Obamacare. We didn’t stand up for what we really wanted, which was common sense, across-the-board fairness, when it comes to healthcare in the United States. This was our compromise with conservatives and they threw it in our faces, denouncing what was, in reality, their own ideas. True liberal values means we keep fighting misinformation, we keep explaining and sharing the best data we have. We correct our mistakes. We keep working for the betterment of our country and its future.


Elizabeth Warren’s Not Running In 2016 But She’s Not Going Anywhere

Via Buzzfeed:

Elizabeth Warren’s former national finance chair, Paul Egerman, has told several inquiring donors this month that, despite runaway speculation and a burning desire from the party’s left wing, the freshman senator will not run for president in 2016.

Egerman, the fundraiser said, quickly threw cold water on the theory.

“It’s not gonna happen,” the source said.

That’s OK, I want her right there in Congress. I want her to push Congress to the left every day at the top of her lungs for the next 20 or so years. She’s a freshman and she’s already a gadfly to the monied interests. What will she do with seniority and influence? She could be a holy terror for many MANY years to come. We need loud progressive voices in Congress and she fits the bill. And then some.

I want her to serve as proof of concept that a real hardcore liberal can be in Congress and STAY in Congress. Bonus! She’ll serve as a painful reminder to the GOP that blocking her appointment to the CFPB was the worst mistake they ever made.


Repeating History

As I prepared  myself for Sabbath today, it was brought to my attention that tomorrow may stand in infamy. Now, pardon me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Guy Fawkes day on the 5th? The Tea party seems to be a little late to the party…

Anyway, on a more serious note, it seems that the Teabaggers decided to show their real colors by playing on the deeply held racist hypocritical insane beliefs that POTUS cannot legally be the Commander in Chief under any circumstance (Who would’ve guessed bigots weren’t down with the swirl?) and therefore must be excised like the cancerous tumor on America he is. Problem is, everything they’re planning to do is completely illegal, and dangerous. If Larry Klayman actually nuts up and does what he’s threatening to do, people will die.

Surprise surprise, this seems to be inspired by the NRA passing out pamphlets calling for violent insurrection, statingELECTIONS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEM; ELECTIONS ARE THE PROBLEM! Now, I want you to raise your hand if you think that, if this actually goes down, the NRA will be held responsible in any way for promoting this, or it will spur gun control measures. I want you to do this, because I want to know who to tell that they’re wrong. The Left will be silenced by the “liberal” media, crying martyr, the GOP will finally give the moist, horse-shaped, crater of Benghazi a rest as they latch onto their newest scandal like the parasitic lamprey they are, and the NRA will trot out their “Good Guy With a Gun” speech again. The country will be transfixed on this for three days, then move on; business as usual.

Wow, for a post on a day that’s supposed to be devoted to rest, enlightenment, and strengthening your inner peace, this is getting depressing quick…

To close, I will offer a short history lesson. In 1605, Guy Fawkes entered the basement of Parliament with the intent to assassinate King James I of England, with the intent to detonate a bomb, end the monarchy, and replace it with a fascist catholic theocracy. Though the conspiracy, later known as The Jesuit Treason or Gunpowder Plot, was inevitably a failure, and Fawkes hanged for treason, it is still remembered every November 5. The rhyme for it goes

“Remember, Remember, the fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason Plot.
I see no reason, this gunpowder treason,
should ever be forgot”

Now, the meaning there is to remember that the threat of terrorism can be domestic as well as foreign, but most seem to think it translates to “Don’t like your government? Blow the fucker up.” The dark half of me wants this event to go through, because it might finally show the country why these people need to be stopped, and maybe raise the median IQ of the country by about 20 points. (Turning off Fox News would have the same effect – ed)

To close this somewhat long rant, I will leave you with the oft-referenced quote by George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

-Don’t Panic.

Chris Hayes Just Became My New Favoritist Host (Must Watch Video)

I have a confession to make: I have a bit of a nerd crush on MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. He’s smart, he’s funny and he wears dorky glasses.

When he was a regular guest on The Rachel Maddow Show, I would pay extra special attention because he always had something particularly relevant to say. And when he got his own show, I was…underwhelmed. It was still smart and funny but it was a bit dry.

But that was “new show growing pains” and for the last couple of months, Hayes has found his groove. On Friday night in the opening segment, Chris Hayes went to town, not only on the scumbags on the right that are actually overjoyed that millions of people are being denied Medicaid by Republicans but also on spineless Democrats that are trying to backpedal from Obamacare:

That entire monologue is the perfect blend of intelligent analysis and anger that we need in order to push back against the constant stream of bullshit of the right.

Hayes just got bumped up to my number two slot on “News shows I watch in the morning,” right after Maddow.

Ted Cruz’s Dad Is A Sick F**k And The ‘Liberal’ Media Is Completely Ignoring It

It’s funny, but I’ll bet my life that if Obama’s father were alive and spouting extremist leftist rhetoric, we would all know every word of it and Obama would never have been elected. But here’s Ted Cruz’s freak of a father ranting and raving about how atheists are evil and does the “liberal” media even mention it?


Oh? That’s not fair? Ted Cruz is not responsible for what his crazy father says?

Ah. But Obama was responsible for all of the crap Rev. Wright said?

Oh? But Rev. Wright was obviously a deep influence on Obama so it’s totally relevant?

IT’S TED CRUZ’S FATHER! Can anyone, with a straight face, say that his father DIDN’T influence Ted Cruz?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. If you want to see how Ted Cruz really thinks, just look to his father. You’ll have to do it yourself, thought, because the “liberal” media certainly won’t do it for you. Reporting facts might appear biased or something.

The greatest trick the GOP ever pulled was convincing the mainstream media that it was “liberally biased.” It’s allowed Republicans to lie, cheat and steal for decades with no fear that the fourth estate would call them on it.

Fuck the mainstream media. They’re spineless cowards and actively working to make America a worse place by providing aid and comfort to those that would shit on the Constitution for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

The Disease That is Conservativism

No-Fox_4c998Ever have a day (or in my case, night) where as soon you look at your social network of choice, you just want to scream “Fuck!!” at the top of your lungs? Lately, that seems to be the case whenever I get an update from a friend in my home state (who we’ll call Twiggy to protect his identity). We met in school before I was expelled, and he was one of the most open-minded,  if naive, people I knew, but since moving back to his hometown, he has become, essentially, a closed-minded imbecile.

In high school, Twiggy was a gay artist who was completely against the policies of Dubya, saying they were a plague on the country that was going to lead us to world war 3. Flash forward 5 or 6 years, and now he hates the current administration, thinks that everything POTUS has done in the last term and a half is destroying our country from the inside out, and has shown his utter disdain for civility by ending the post that sparked this rant with “Call me crazy but I’m beginning to get the idea that Romney would’ve made a better president than Saddam…um, I mean Obama. “ This kind of bullshit is something that sounds natural coming from an RWNJ, but not from a (presumably still) intelligent gay male who’s greatest achievements are in arts.

Make no mistake, I’m not deifying our president; I know he’s made mistakes (the NDAA being one of the biggest ones), but I also point out where he’s gone right (Do I need to list examples?). My problem here isn’t that he doesn’t support the president – that’s his prerogative, and his right as a citizen – my problem is that he seems to be proving the theory that the GOP’s brand of conservatism is a disease more virulent than the common cold. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s only going to get worse.

Creepy Conservative Christian Quote Of The Day

Conservatives often bitch moan whine complain that liberals always exaggerate just how goddamn crazy they are. They SWEAR we only attack straw men and never the “real” positions of the right. Except that’s a bunch of bullshit. We quote them verbatim and they still can’t figure out why they end up looking like freaks and lunatics. For instance, here’s Gordon”Dr. Chaps” Kligenschmitt discussing a picture of a same sex couple with a baby:

One of the men almost has his tongue hanging out, like he’s licking his chops, like “This baby is ours now!” And that’s fine, you may call that love, but it looks to me a little bit like lust.

Here’s the mercifully short video:

“Licking his chops?” So, no heterosexual parent has ever stuck their tongue out and wiggled it around at a baby? Because we all know babies don’t find that absolutely hilarious or anything….

These are some seriously sick and depraved people. They look at two consenting adults in love and only see pedophilia or bestiality. What does that tell us about their minds? It certainly tells us more about their fear and loathing of healthy and normal sexual orientations than it does about the targets of their rage and lies.

Scum Of The SCOTUS

2522519-watchman_ (1)

Everyone has their daily ritual they have to complete, and for me, that means checking Cracked’s daily articles. Today’s article on how the political machine is rigged  brought up some concerns. notably what or who they answer to.

The Supreme Court of The United States is considered the highest power in all the land; every lower court in the country has to answer to at least one higher power, with SCOTUS being the top of this particular pyramid of power. However, the supreme court doesn’t seem to have anyone they have to answer to, not even the president. In theory, this should mean that they have one more safeguard to prevent a corrupt administration from making them a puppet to their policies; in practice, however, we see the same issues we see in any self-regulating organization. The human with the greatest legal mind in the country is still human after all, and humans are so prone to corruption, roughly half of our classic literature deals with this reality (The Tempest, The Ring of Gyges, The Lord of the Rings, and Who mourns for Adonis, to name a few) and yet, we somehow think of our elected officials as being incorruptible.

SCOTUS, and judges in general, are supposed to recuse themselves from any suit that presents a conflict of interest to them for whatever reason. While there are checks and balances abound for lower court judges, it’s essentially up to each justice to decide whether a case provides a conflict of interest, which works about as well as you’d expect. Examples of this self-regulating system failing are: Clarence Thomas  presiding over the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act while his wife actively campaigns for its repeal, the king of bloated trolls Antonin Scalia going duck hunting with Dick Cheney before presiding over a case involving his energy task force, and just general clownfuckery.

With the possibility of corruption so high, and the instances of such possible corruption coming to light, this brings some troubling issues to light. While everyone has their eye in a microscope trained on the president, and quite a few of us want to view our senators only through a rifle scope, no one really seems to keep an eye on the supreme court these days. As my opener asks, when there’s no higher power to answer to, who watches the watchmen?

The Pope and the Palin

Years ago, before I hit the age of reason, I was once a devout christian, in a town where the only real difference between Catholicism and Christianity was the frequency of communion and confession, so I was a big fan of the Pope. After the church and I had a falling out (something about me being the spawn of some hellbeast or other leading the flock astray), I started looking back at the track record of the catholic church, and found out that there hasn’t really been a truly pious man of God in the cloth since the time of Martin Luther, at least in my opinion.

Enter Pope Francis, who seems to be kicking theological ass and taking names by returning to the old ways of the Catholic church. One of the things that has been causing a lot of backlash against him is his stance on the gays, and their right to equality (anyone who is a student of history might realize that this isn’t really much of a shocker, all things considered).  Personally, it’s his stance on the merit of atheists and homosexuals makes him somewhat inspiring to those of us who grew up thinking the motto of the Catholic church was “If it feels good, you’re going to Hell.”

Fortunately, everyone’s favorite living joke thinks differently. Sarah Palin was quoted saying “He’s had some statements that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me,” while others feel like Francis is throwing them under the bus by deciding to update the church’s stance on key social issues.

Now, there are a lot of things that can be taken away from this message; modern Conservative Catholics only support their pope if his prejudices line up with their own, that people who aren’t white and straight deserve to be second class citizens, that some modern religion seems to be based around making an excuse for your prejudice under the guise of piety. The most prevalent message I’m hearing, though, is this: If you’re conservative, you’re not a decent person. Now, admittedly, I’ve had some conservative friends that did not fit this mold, but they seem to be the exception, not the rule.

If you disagree with me about this, I don’t really care; anyone who thinks that equality can be achieved while there is class inequality under the guise of religious fervor is fooling themselves.