Right-wing radio host and complete waste of air Laura Ingraham gave her analysis of the Ferguson protests to Fox News and as usual she’s full of dumbass.

Ingraham told host Steve Doocy that Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson made a mistake when he engaged with the community. She said it was a mistake to show them that ‘we care.’

“I understand that impulse, I really do,” she insisted. “But we know now that thugs are thugs. People who are going to take advantage of the situation are going to do that, especially if they know that the media is all there.”

There’s that word again, ‘thugs’ the new ‘N’ word.

Ingraham also said that the Tea Party never rioted. She’s right, they just threatened to kill our president. Repeatedly. No big deal.

Johnson engaged the community because their voices weren’t being heard. Up until that point, police in Ferguson had responded to citizens angry about a shooting with snipers, tear gas, rubber bullets and tanks. That’s about as effective as beating an abused child to show them love.

Ingraham didn’t stop there though. Of course not.

And I think a lot of people who are hard-working people from all over the world who live here legally are getting a little tired of being told implicitly or explicitly because they exist that they’re racist,” she opined. “People are getting really tired of this. It’s tough out there for everybody in the middle class and the working poor.”

First of all, people like the stupid beotch Ingraham are called racists because they are. People are getting sick of something but it’s not what she’s saying. People are getting sick of watching teenagers being carelessly murdered. People are sick of hearing stories about black kids being massacred by white men.

People (racists) like Ingraham will say,”black people murder white people too.” Yes and they go to prison for the rest of their lives. That’s the difference.

It’s been over fifty years since the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement and it’s still acceptable, in many circles, to kill black people without consequence in this country.

So, Laura can take her analysis and feck right off.

Editor’s note: Did you catch the part where Ingraham equates being hard working and being here legally with being called a racist? As if white people are the only hard working legal residents (which, in the mind of Ingraham, is probably not far off the mark)? Because there is almost no topic that the right can’t inject a little anti-immigrant racism into.