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Whoops! I Catch A Scumbag ‘Liberal’ Liar In Action

Oh my that was priceless. John Henry DeJong (who goes by John Henry) bravely tried to engage on my page (it was in spam from two weeks ago which I did not check like a spaz but I found it with some help), it did not go well for him and he started to pretend his comments were being deleted, then he deleted the entire thread (he initiated the thread so he had the ability to do so). He immediately went over to his page to announce that he was kicking my ass and that I had deleted him in fear.

John Henry DeJong

I guess it’s just my word versus his. Or is it?

The internet is a funny thing, it’s hard to make things disappear forever. Even Facebook threads. And never underestimate the power of screen capture. This is why I’ve been wanting to engage Henry for some time. I knew if I did, he would out himself for the little weasel he is.

Here’s the thing you need to see to judge who telling the truth and who’s a lying scumbag (I’ll happily provide more screen shots on demand):

I love screen cap

I love screen cap

The part you want to pay attention to is that very last comment from (M). See that he was unable to post? That’s because someone had deleted the thread while he was trying to post. And since the only people that can delete a thread is the creator and the admin and the admin was in the middle of responding when the thread went dead, well, as Mr. Henry seems fond of saying, QED. It’s possible I photoshopped it but anyone that knows me knows that I am a goddamn spaz with graphics so let’s skip that part, yes?

I was out at the time and missed the most of the conversation which I am most annoyed about because now Henry will NEVER show his face again. His constant avoidance of the topic of the thread is really quite revealing and is disturbingly similar to how conservatives argue. “I don’t want to have to back up my “facts” so I will claim that I’ve already answered in full and change the topic.” If I had a nickel for every intellectually dishonest right wing twit that’s tried that on me, I’d be Mitt Romney’s well paid car washer.

I know some of you follow Henry and others think this is all childish bullshit but a writer is only as trusted as his reputation and having a group of people calling me a plagiarist is insulting beyond words, particularly when said people, led by the spineless Henry can’t even face the person they accuse. He claims that I’m trying to stifle him and bully him into submission. Take a look at the whole second half of the conversation for yourself  in the screen shots at the bottom (we lost the first half when Henry deleted the thread unfortunately) and tell me if he handed anyone their ass as he claims on his page. I still can’t quite figure out how demanding that the person making an accusation back it up with specific examples is “bullying” or why we would delete the thread when Henry was clearly avoiding the very topic we wanted to discuss.

Can you?


I Call Out A Challenge

There’s this guy that calls himself John Henry that absolutely hates Addicting Info. HATES IT! Apparently we have “authoritarian control over liberal and progressive discourse on Facebook.”

Well, who knew?! I had no idea the site I write for was the master of all things liberal!

According to John Henry, we are a “low-information, high-confirmation-bias” “liberal news” site. This guy has been ranting about us for over a year now, maybe longer. He’s constantly claimed that we post misinformation and flat out lies. What makes that particular accusation so adorable is that, as a news aggregate blog, we do not generate our own news. We can’t; we don’t have reporters. What we DO do, like pretty much every blog out there is watch cable news, read newspapers, scan the AP and the big news blogs like Think Progress and Raw Story. Then we either follow their story back to the source material (like a  local city newspaper or local news website) or quote them directly and then give our take on it. So, in order for us to be constantly posting false information, that would have to mean so are all of the news sources we pick up our stories from.

Only a fucking idiot would think that. But John Henry certainly fills the role.

The real target of Henry’s obsession is my boss, Matthew Desmond. Matthew has built up a rather successful liberal website in the span of three years and he did it without having extensive contacts in the liberal media world. He’s managed to piss off a lot of people in the process and there’s A LOT of sour grapes from sites that have not kept pace with us. And so we get accused of plagiarism and theft.

I’ve challenged several Facebook admins over this ridiculous charge and the response has been eerie in its unity: I know you plagiarize because other admins said so but I don’t have any proof that I can show you.

This is the kind of rumormongering crap I expect from teabaggers. One idiot actually crowed that I proved his charge of deliberate plagiarism when I “admitted” that we’ve had a couple of writers plagiarize other sites, get caught by us, fired and we deleted the stolen material. In total, maybe 5-7 articles in three years out of 8,800 or so articles published. The New York Times has had this happen and they are a multi-million dollar organization with a highly trained staff. We’re a bunch of college educated (some of us) bloggers doing this part time. Somehow, though, we’re expected to never have this happen.

This same genius, by the way, declared the fact that I thought it was only five articles while Matthew says seven is PROOF that we intentionally plagiarize. You see, we can’t even get our story straight! AHA!

Yeah, this is the level of intellect I’m dealing with.

The other curious thing about all of these upstanding citizens that cannot BEAR to see AI destroy liberalism as we know it is that they are veeeerrrry reluctant to engage in public. They make loud public announcements about how slimy we are but seem rather authoritarian themselves when challenged on it. What happens is that every now and then a page comes to my attention that is insisting AI steals articles and pictures. I drop on by and ask simply for them to prove their case. Not for nothing, if we are the rampant thieves and scum they claim we are, it should be child’s play to expose us.

It usually takes less than an hour for me to be banned. And that’s without cursing or yelling. One page had the gall to tell me they were “investigating” the accusations they had already posted as fact. They became most upset when I asked them if they were planning of contacting every person that shared their post to personally apologize for misleading them when their “deep research” turned up empty. The nerve of me!

My favorite accusation is the one where we “steal” pictures and memes from other pages and claim them as our own. Apparently, if you post a picture on your page without crediting the creator, you have claimed ownership. Of course, Facebook being what it is, unless the picture has a watermark (and many do), there really is no way to know where it came from. Further, the pictures we make ourselves have our logo on it so it’s pretty fucking obvious which ones we “claim.” Anything else is just an interesting or funny picture we saw online and shared. Sure, it drives traffic between pages but unless the person who created it puts a logo on it, we have no way to credit the source so cry me a river.

Let me be perfectly clear: To all of you content creators that SWEAR we stole it from you, if you couldn’t be bothered to watermark it, then don’t blame other people for sharing it without credit. How the FUCK are we supposed to know YOU made it if you’re too goddamn lazy and/or stupid to put your name on it?

Let me also be perfectly clear on this: If you’re going to claim we took your logo off even though we have literally hundreds of pictures uploaded with the logo left intact (because it doesn’t concern us if you get credit so why would we bother?), you’d better have some goddamn proof, you little shit. I get banned a lot for asking that question, too.

Strangely enough, every single page that accuses us of “theft” in this manner engages in the exact same “evil” practice. They have numerous pictures posted with credit they did not create themselves. Doesn’t seem to count when they do it. No one can explain why that is. George Takei does this a lot as well. They also can’t explain why they don’t report and harass him. It’s almost like we’re held to a double standard. How very liberal of them…

Still, John Henry turned out to be the biggest coward of them all as he flat out refused to even talk to me for more than 10 minutes before banning me from his page. Why? Because I asked him to prove his allegations. Mind you, this is the ringleader of these clowns and I gave him the chance to publicly humiliate me by exposing AI for the fraudulent thieves we allegedly are. Wouldn’t you think he would relish the opportunity? Shouldn’t he have savagely destroyed me with his overwhelming evidence?

Nope, he banned me almost immediately. The only person to have worked continuously at AI longer than me is Desmond and he owns it. I would have to be explicitly involved in the wholesale theft and plagiarism Henry accuses us of for that to be the case. I’ve written over 800 of the 8000+ articles for the site and who knows how many more I’ve edited? I personally fired one person for plagiarism and I did it with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I’m the perfect person to annihilate on his own page with his ironclad case against us.

Instead, he banned me. He later unbanned me (or FB did, it happens) but I don’t know when that was. I went back on today and he banned me immediately because, clearly, he’s not afraid at all to face the people he’s been trying to “expose.”

I generally don’t care for this playground bullshit but since Henry’s started posting my name in his little tinfoil hat conspiracies, I felt the need to tell him in writing that he is, by far, the biggest coward I have ever dealt with (and that’s saying something!). He is absolutely free to come to my page, Proud To Be A Filthy Liberal Scum, and present his case for all of my readers to see and I will happily debate him and any and all of his little followers whenever he wants. Bring your evidence, not just your accusations you spineless bag of impotent pus. I goddamn dare you!

Try being a man for once, Henry!

Try being a man for once, Henry!

Conservatives Are Plotting Against Us. No, Seriously!

So there I was, reading the latest post from Bob Cesca (my sloppy man crush) about conservatives pretending they’re liberals so they can “infiltrate liberal websites. Why?

Once there, you can then highjack the thread. In effect, you have changed the subject and tenor or the conversation and the writer of the original post has lost their ability to moderate the conversation and that creates a free-for-all that gets the conversation far off the original mark. 

But what is the end goal?

There is no doubt that the liberal netroots got a headstart on conservatives in this area.  We are playing a game of catch-up and may have, through websites such as this one, caught up.  Sites like and Dailykos give the left their marching orders.  They give voice to the Left and they circle the wagons with self-serving, self-congratulatory comments.  We cannot reform the staunch liberal; their’s is a psychopathology.  But, if we can plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the Left-leaning fence sitters, then we have won an important battle.

So, instead of openly discussing their views, conservatives need to lie about who they are, lie about their intentions and move the conversation away from topics they don’t like and stifle debate. It’s like an army of zombies marching forth in search of brains.

Strangely, when I “troll” conservatives, I never feel the need to hide who I am. I happily let them know why I’m there and will happily discuss whatever topic the thread was about. Sure, I get kicked off a lot and usually pretty fast but I don’t curse or scream  and anyone reading has to wonder why I was booted if I was being polite.

This really shouldn’t be surprising. Any conservative that’s really paying attention knows their policy positions are based on a pack of lies. I mean, who seriously believes widespread voter fraud exists if they’ve spent more than 30 seconds researching it? Who honestly thinks that the deficit hasn’t gone down since Bush’s 2009 budget? Is it any wonder that conservatives like this one resort to deception?

I also found this line to be absolutely hilarious:

What if liberals try this with conservative websites?  Let them.  Remember that we have facts, logic and reason on our side.

BWAHAHAHAHA! Good one! Wait, he was serious?! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA! Apparently, delusion goes hand in hand with dishonesty. It would be sad if it wasn’t so funny. This guide to infiltrating left wing pages was written in 2011. I wonder if the author has figured out that a free and open forum is the WORST possible venue for conservative ideas? Somehow I doubt it…

Awww…Feel Bad For Wing Nut Dana Loesch (But Not Really)

Dana Loesch is one of those for right tea bagging talking heads that you just can’t shake the feeling is in it for the money and doesn’t believe a word of what she says. Much like the scream queens that went before her (like Ann Coulter), Loesch’s entire career depends on being able to stir up controversy. She seemed to hit the big time when CNN inexplicably picked her up as a contributor but it looks like that’s all over, Via Little Green Footballs:

Loesch’s ascendancy, aided by the rise of the Tea Party and the star power of Andrew Breitbart (as well as her own hard work and penchant for provocation), hit several other stumbling blocks this year. Following pressure from critics over her remarks about U.S. troops who were videotaped urinating on Taliban corpses, Loesch’s appearances on CNN dried up, although the network insists there was no connection.

In August, at the height of Rep. Todd “Legitimate Rape”Akin’s notoriety, Loesch tweeted Akin advising him not to appear on fellow CNNer Piers Morgan’s program, then “reached out to the campaign to confirm” Akin had canceled his appearance, and would appear on her radio show instead. Former Mediaite Managing Editor Colby Hall called foul, and Morgan defended Loesch on Twitter, but Loesch hasn’t been on CNN since then. Media Matters noted that, in an August CNN online article, Loesch is cited as a “conservative radio host,” and not a CNN contributor.

Oops. You can get away with that kind of crap when you have your own show on cable. If you’re just a contributor that has to be called in to appear on someone else’s show? That gets you the cold shoulder.

But at least she always has her place at, right? Nope!

Conservative talk radio host and commentator Dana Loesch sued the owner of the conservative website Friday, claiming that although her relationship with the news and opinion aggregating website had gone “tragically awry,” Breibart.cοm LLC refused to let her work for the company or anyone else, forcing her into “indentured servitude in limbo.”


The suit says that difficulties managing the Breitbart “media ‘empire’” or ideological conflicts or both had spiked the working relationship, creating a “increasingly hostile” work environment. When Loesch tried to terminate her work agreement in September, Breitbart refused and extended the agreement by a year, the suit says. (emphasis mine)

So not only is she off the air on CNN, she’s effectively muzzled online. I can’t imagine what she could have done to offend the crazies that run but my guess is she demanded more money for making outrageous statements and fabricating stories (that IS pretty much all they do). Soon, she’ll probably have a book called “All Liberal Must Die!” or something similarly stupid to garner some attention. If not, maybe she’ll be reduced to jumping up and down behind an Eyewitness News reporter.

With the Tea Party in a death spiral of crazy and waning fast, Loesch and her ilk are going to start having trouble finding work outside of the shrinking right wing media bubble. The more shrill and over the top their phony outrage, the less appealing they’ll be to anyone not clinging to their guns in a bomb shelter. What a damn pity. Fails To Grasp Sarcasm

It’s not like I expect high standards of…well, anything from the unlamented Andrew Breitbart’s website of right wing hackery but, come on, guys! You’re not even trying anymore!

Case in point, this headline from today:


This morning on Twitter, CNN’s Piers Morgan answered “of course I am, you moron” when asked if he was “gleeful that a tragedy happened to help you push your cause.”

There’s no doubt that the “tragedy” referenced is the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that occurred last Friday, and that the “cause” is gun control

OK, I know that there is no such thing as a “sarcasm font” (somebody get to work on that!) but you have to be kidding me! Is anyone really stupid enough to think he wasn’t being sarcastic?

And, seriously, this is what passes for “news” on Who’s running the place now? 12 year olds?


So The Auto Industry Should Be Collapsing Any Second Now?

Via Detroit Free Press by way of Bob Cesca (oh what a tangle web we weave…):

Chrysler, Ford and General Motors saw their November sales rise by 14%, 6.5% and 3.4% respectively.

Industrywide new vehicle sales are expected to increase 12% from November 2011 as rising consumer confidence and more generous holiday incentives bolstered sales. [...]

“Even with all the talk of a looming fiscal cliff, Chrysler Group is well positioned for a strong sales finish to the year,” said Reid Bigland, Chrysler’s head of U.S. sales and CEO of the Dodge brand said in a statement. “We are expecting a strong December as the industry continues to recover from the East Coast hurricane and consumers continue to respond to our popular year-end Big Finish event.”

So it’s been over three years since the GOP insisted that the auto bailout would destroy the industry. When, exactly, should we expect that to occur? Next year? A decade from now? Maybe next century?

In the meantime, i’ll just hold my breath.

Paul Krugman Makes Me Apologize To The Fat Smug Bastard

So I’ve had an ongoing argument with Glenn, the FSB. It hasn’t been particularly serious but consistent: The FSB has been complaining that Obama has spent too much time negotiating with himself instead of the GOP. Particularly on the subject of Obamacare and single payer. My point was that the GOP would NEVER have agreed to single payer and would have shot the whole thing down. Better something than nothing. The FSB countered that if Obama had started with single payer and the GOP made ANY concessions at all and then even a few Republicans voted for it, they would own it as well.

It looks like he was right on the overall point, although I was right about Obamacare. The Dems made a bunch of concessions and the GOP still didn’t vote for it. Other than that, the GOP’s tactic has been to offer no plan of their own, wait for Obama to make the concessions the GOP wants and then complain about the whole as if they were not involved. Apparently those days are over and the GOP is rip-roaring mad about it. Paul Krugman, on the other hand (and presumably the FSB) is quite pleased:

In the ongoing battle of the budget, President Obama has done something very cruel. Declaring that this time he won’t negotiate with himself, he has refused to lay out a proposal reflecting what he thinks Republicans want. Instead, he has demanded that Republicans themselves say, explicitly, what they want. And guess what: They can’t or won’t do it.

No, really. While there has been a lot of bluster from the G.O.P. about how we should reduce the deficit with spending cuts, not tax increases, no leading figures on the Republican side have been able or willing to specify what, exactly, they want to cut.

Krugman goes on:

Now Republicans find themselves boxed in. With taxes scheduled to rise on Jan. 1 in the absence of an agreement, they can’t play their usual game of just saying no to tax increases and pretending that they have a deficit reduction plan. And the president, by refusing to help them out by proposing G.O.P.-friendly spending cuts, has deprived them of political cover. If Republicans really want to slash popular programs, they will have to propose those cuts themselves.

And that’s bottom line: The GOP must govern if they want to get what they want and that means compromise. The very thing they’ve demonized. For the last four years they haven’t done anything but oppose Obama in every conceivable way, even when they agree with what he’s proposed. If they want those tax breaks for the rich, they’re going to have propose a way to pay for them. Remember, NO ADDING TO THE DEFICIT has been the GOP mantra since they couldn’t be the ones to do the spending. And there’s no hostages for them to take this time. It’s an open debate as to whether this all came together as a happy coincidence or if Obama, already known for playing a long game, took a gamble he on maneuvering the GOP to this point. Either way, the GOP is screwed and they know it. That’s why they’re so mad.

I’ll be apologizing on Wednesday’s podcast so you can listen to Glenn’s smugness then!

The ‘No Woman Will Have Sex With Me’ Misogynist Of The Day: CMDM

Awarded to the “Christian Men’s Defense Network,” a website dedicated to telling white male conservative Christians how wonderful they are and how the Bible says they are the masters of all they survey. Also, women are all whores:

…we should have known how the leftists in the media and the Obama campaign (redundant, I know) intended to define the campaign. Because on radio ads, on TV, and on the web, the Democrats tried to make this election about a single issue:

The right to slut.

Or more precisely, the right to slut without the responsibility of consequences.  The famous “gender gap” isn’t really a gap based on gender.  The right overwhelmingly wins older and married women.  The “gender gap” should more accurately be called the slut vote.

Women make up about 54% of the electorate.  It is very hard to win without winning that segment, or at least losing it only narrowly while winning men big. While the right usually wins married women, the fact is that married women constitute an ever-decreasing share of the female population.  Women want to delay marriage as long as possible so they can “have it all,” and usually “have it all” means “have as much hot alpha sex as possible without any consequences.”  And thus, less married women and more sluts (not that these two groups are mutually exclusive, per se)

This is the kind of hate the GOP base traffics in when they think no one is paying attention. Sometime after this post starting to make the rounds, the very brave and manly   admin for CMDN hid under a rug by making the site private. Fortunately, nothing ever disappears from the internet. Ha. Ha. You’d think someone so concerned with being an “Alpha Male” would have the nerve to face his critics.

But in reality, like all bullies, the admin is a sniveling coward. Not for nothing, his worldview centers around being “dominant” over women in a way that simply screams “serial rapist!” Here’s another bit of wisdom from this man’s man:

The obvious point being that one of the popular ways for sluts to get cash, prizes, and empathy is to engage in consensual sex with many guys, and then accuse men of raping them.  This is especially popular if the town slut ends up pregnant, and now has to engage in hamsterbatics to protect her reputation.

Consensual sex was never considered rape in English and American common law, until feminism came along. Now, a woman is at liberty to decide she was raped long after she consented to sexual intercourse, and she is free to legitimately ruin the life of any fellow whom she willingly invites into her bedchamber.

Ah, the old “She’s a lying whore!” defense for rape. “It was consensual, including the part where I slipped her a rufie!”

This is the predominant attitude one finds among those who oppose sexual education and making contraceptives more available (which, coincidentally, includes a disturbing number of Republicans). Women that have sex for pleasure are filthy animals, rutting in the mud, that need to be punished with unwanted pregnancies. It’s OK for men, of course but for women? Never. That’s whorish behavior.

But remember, the war on women was totally made up!

The Country of the Car

There’s a reason we’re so addicting to oil…

The Country of the Car.