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GOP War On Woman Hits Home, Hilarity Ensues

This is simply too priceless:

Washington State Republican chairwoman Susan Hutchison claims that the $20,000 reduction of her salary from that of her male predecessor “play[s] into the ‘war on women’ narrative [used] against Republicans.”

According to a memo she sent to the state GOP executive board, when she tried to convince the state party to return her pay to the $95,000 earned by Kirby Wilbur, the conversation turned “ugly.”

The GOP is so tone deaf that they thought an almost 20% pay cut for a woman exact same position would somehow be acceptable.

Even funnier?

Fellow Republicans told The Seattle Times that many within the party were upset that Hutchison even mentioned “the ‘war on women’ meme” in her memo.

“There is no war on women,” once source told the Times.

Uppity broads, demanding equal pay and stuff. Isn’t it enough they put one in charge? Can’t they just learn to keep their mouths shut?!

Harry Reid Uses The Nuclear Option And Takes The Filibuster Away From The GOP

Holy shit! The right is about to completely freak out (and so will a certain part of the left)!!!

Via the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — The Senate voted on Thursday to eliminate the use of the filibuster against most presidential nominees, a move that will break the Republican blockade of President Obama’s picks to cabinet posts and the federal judiciary. The change is the most fundamental shift in the way the Senate functions in more than a generation.

I can already hear the screams of “Tyranny!” and “Impeach!” Blablabla. Well guess what, you spoiled little babies? If you can’t learn to play nice, you get your toys taken away. Yes, the Democrats filibustered nominees but they did it on the grounds that the nominee was not qualified or a raving loon. Republicans are not even contesting that Obama’s nominees are qualified, they’re simply blocking them out of spite and for sabotage.

For frak’s sake! Lindsey Graham swore to block completely unrelated appointments over Benghazi! Does it get any more childish than that? The GOP has abused the filibuster for years and all towards the goal of screwing Obama.

Remember, one of the best ways to “prove” that government is broken is by making damn sure it’s not working. Keeping the heads of agencies like the ATF empty is a great way to do that. Further, blocking judges is especially important because judges determine which parts of the Constitution the GOP can crap on and get away with it. Like Voter ID and Roe v. Wade. 

As for those on the left that will inevitably whine that now the GOP will do the same when they take back the White House and Senate in some hypothetical future?


Are you thick? Have you been paying attention? Do you think, for a second, that the GOP didn’t have every intention of doing this the very second they took back control? Republicans have proven they have zero interest in governing in a fair manner. They have broken Congress in an attempt to reverse the last two presidential elections. America said, “Put the Dems in charge” and the GOP said, “Screw you, America.”

Don’t kid yourself. If they were to ever take back the Senate and White House, the GOP would immediately remove any and all ability for the Democrats to filibuster. Period. End of line.

Harry Reid is done making gentlemen’s agreement with people who are ruthless liars and hypocrites. Enough with the obstruction, time to let the president do his constitutionally mandated job. The Republicans can go cry to Fox News cause I’m not shedding a single blessed tear for those scumbags.

Elizabeth Warren’s Not Running In 2016 But She’s Not Going Anywhere

Via Buzzfeed:

Elizabeth Warren’s former national finance chair, Paul Egerman, has told several inquiring donors this month that, despite runaway speculation and a burning desire from the party’s left wing, the freshman senator will not run for president in 2016.

Egerman, the fundraiser said, quickly threw cold water on the theory.

“It’s not gonna happen,” the source said.

That’s OK, I want her right there in Congress. I want her to push Congress to the left every day at the top of her lungs for the next 20 or so years. She’s a freshman and she’s already a gadfly to the monied interests. What will she do with seniority and influence? She could be a holy terror for many MANY years to come. We need loud progressive voices in Congress and she fits the bill. And then some.

I want her to serve as proof of concept that a real hardcore liberal can be in Congress and STAY in Congress. Bonus! She’ll serve as a painful reminder to the GOP that blocking her appointment to the CFPB was the worst mistake they ever made.


Repeating History

As I prepared  myself for Sabbath today, it was brought to my attention that tomorrow may stand in infamy. Now, pardon me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Guy Fawkes day on the 5th? The Tea party seems to be a little late to the party…

Anyway, on a more serious note, it seems that the Teabaggers decided to show their real colors by playing on the deeply held racist hypocritical insane beliefs that POTUS cannot legally be the Commander in Chief under any circumstance (Who would’ve guessed bigots weren’t down with the swirl?) and therefore must be excised like the cancerous tumor on America he is. Problem is, everything they’re planning to do is completely illegal, and dangerous. If Larry Klayman actually nuts up and does what he’s threatening to do, people will die.

Surprise surprise, this seems to be inspired by the NRA passing out pamphlets calling for violent insurrection, statingELECTIONS ARE NOT THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEM; ELECTIONS ARE THE PROBLEM! Now, I want you to raise your hand if you think that, if this actually goes down, the NRA will be held responsible in any way for promoting this, or it will spur gun control measures. I want you to do this, because I want to know who to tell that they’re wrong. The Left will be silenced by the “liberal” media, crying martyr, the GOP will finally give the moist, horse-shaped, crater of Benghazi a rest as they latch onto their newest scandal like the parasitic lamprey they are, and the NRA will trot out their “Good Guy With a Gun” speech again. The country will be transfixed on this for three days, then move on; business as usual.

Wow, for a post on a day that’s supposed to be devoted to rest, enlightenment, and strengthening your inner peace, this is getting depressing quick…

To close, I will offer a short history lesson. In 1605, Guy Fawkes entered the basement of Parliament with the intent to assassinate King James I of England, with the intent to detonate a bomb, end the monarchy, and replace it with a fascist catholic theocracy. Though the conspiracy, later known as The Jesuit Treason or Gunpowder Plot, was inevitably a failure, and Fawkes hanged for treason, it is still remembered every November 5. The rhyme for it goes

“Remember, Remember, the fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason Plot.
I see no reason, this gunpowder treason,
should ever be forgot”

Now, the meaning there is to remember that the threat of terrorism can be domestic as well as foreign, but most seem to think it translates to “Don’t like your government? Blow the fucker up.” The dark half of me wants this event to go through, because it might finally show the country why these people need to be stopped, and maybe raise the median IQ of the country by about 20 points. (Turning off Fox News would have the same effect – ed)

To close this somewhat long rant, I will leave you with the oft-referenced quote by George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

-Don’t Panic.

An Obamacare Tweak Does Not A Crumble Make


The headlines today shouted out warning of the collapse of Democrat Party unity on Obamacare because a few Senators have floated legislation that would require insurance companies to continue offering their existing healthcare plans to those already enrolled in those plans.

The bill, “Keeping the Affordable Care Act Promise,” put forth by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) (for herself and Mr. Manchin) and joined by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) would require insurance companies providing policies on the individual market to continue offering those existing health insurance plans through the end of 2013 to those currently enrolled in those plans.

The bill promotes the idea that consumers should be adequately informed as to how their insurance plan does not meet the requirements for a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act, while giving the enrollee the right to continue the plan. The bill attempts to create transparency in the system by requiring insurance companies to inform the holders of non-qualified health plans of their right to enroll in a qualified plan through an Exchange, along with instructions how to access the Exchanges. It also requires the insurance company to inform the consumer why their policy does not meet the requirements for a qualified health plan.

As headlines scream failure, and promote the idea the Affordable Care Act is crumbling, short, easy to read legislation such as this serve to strengthen and repair deficiencies. The bill submitted by Landrieu goes further than the bill promoted by those of the Republican party, “Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013″ which is the equivalent of a simple demand, rather than a way to keep an ‘off-the-cuff” promise made by President Obama AND inform the consumer of their rights under the law.

Editor’s note: This is also has the delightful side effect of showing consumers just how badly they were getting ripped off the insurance companies. I’ll bet money the GOP will resist this with all their might. An educated population is dangerous to them after all…

Hawaii Becomes 16th State to Legalize Marriage Equality

On Tuesday, the Hawaii legislature voted 19-4 to bring Marriage Equality to the Aloha state. The governor, A Democrat, is expected to sign it into law on Wednesday.

This begs the question: How many more states have to legalize marriage before we get a Supreme Court ruling that will completely do away the state constitutional amendments that deny equality to millions? At this point, we have 16 states with marriage equality, and Illinois makes 17 with a start date of June, 2014. Additionally, we have civil unions in Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, and Wisconsin. This means we have some form of legal recognition in 21 states plus the District of Columbia. This is almost half the country. How much longer do we have to wait?

The Supreme Court Will NEVER Overturn Roe v Wade But Not For The Reason You Think

Glenn Dewar, The Fat Smug Bastard, has a theory that Supreme Court Justice Roberts will never, in a million years, vote to overturn Roe v Wade. In fact, Glenn is convinced that he was put on the court to make sure it never happens. Looks like we’ll be able to put his theory to the test and soon:

WASHINGTON — A steady stream of abortion cases are heading toward the Supreme Court, making it only a matter of time before the justices are likely to consider a new wave of state restrictions.

Although the justices have refused to consider two major cases from Oklahoma in the past two weeks, more states are seeking the high court’s blessing for restrictions that have been struck down by state and federal appeals courts.

Let’s be honest, the conservative wing of the SCOTUS is so used to reinterpreting a case to reach any conclusion they want, they could take any one of these and simply overturn Roe v Wade.  But, according to Glenn, they won’t.



The Republican electoral strategy relies on one thing and one thing only: wedge issues. The establishment doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “protecting the unborn,” they care about enraging religious voters so they’ll vote Republican. Take away the social wedge issues and suddenly people might notice that the GOP’s entire economic plan is designed to crush the middle class and working poor.

This has been true for decades.

Knowing this, Roberts will, according to the FSB, never vote to overturn Roe. Place your bets, people.

Correction: the original article listed Justice Kennedy as the vote to watch. The article has been updated to reflect the target of the FSB’s theory: Justice Roberts

China Takes The First Steps Towards Becoming Morlocks

In one of my favorite films, The Time Machine (either version, they both have their strengths), humanity is shown to have moved underground to escape the harsh conditions on the surface. Well, the Chinese have kicked off the race to conquer the Underdark (2000 nerd points if you get that reference without using Google). They’re building the world’s “lowest hotel.” Well, they certainly have a unique claim…

Once this new fad of living underground catches on, especially as Climate Change makes the weather more unpredictable and deadly, it’s just a matter of time until conservatives turn into mindless brutes that prey on the weak, run in grunting packs and….

Oh crap.




Catholic Karma Crushing American Conservatives

I present to you the textbook definition of karma:

“It seems he’s focusing on bringing back the left that’s fallen away, but what about the conservatives?” said Ms. Kurt, a hospice community educator. “Even when it was discouraging working in pro-life, you always felt like Mother Teresa was on your side and the popes were encouraging you. Now I feel kind of thrown under the bus.”

In the eight months since he became pope, Francis has won affection worldwide for his humble mien and common touch. His approval numbers are skyrocketing. Even atheists are applauding.

But not everyone is so enchanted. Some Catholics in the church’s conservative wing in the United States say Francis has left them feeling abandoned and deeply unsettled.

So, after decades of wallowing in bigotry and greed, conservative Catholics are getting a direct taste of what they inflicted on the rest of the world? There may just be a god after all…

The only way this could be funnier is if the Pope declared bigotry to be an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.

Texas On The Brink Of Mass Hysteria?

Want to see the right go into a state of absolute panic?

A new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll in Texas finds Greg Abbott (R) leading Wendy Davis (D) in the race for governor, 40% to 34%.

In a three-way race against Davis and Libertarian Kathie Glass, Abbott’s lead shrinks to 5 points, 40% to 35%.

Texas has had numerous Democratic governors. The last one, Ann Richards, was even (obviously) a woman. But that was before the right became the crazed freak show it is now. This was before they realized that they were dying as a national movement. This was before they launched their ill advised war on women and their naughty vaginas.

If Davis wins, even with the massive voter suppression efforts in Texas, it will send shockwaves throughout the right wing. The fear that Texas might be in play as a swing state will be palpable. What? Did you think the sudden move to disenfranchise women voters in Texas was a coincidence? And with a Democrat in the Governor’s mansion, voter suppression efforts become harder to enact.

The run up to that election will be one of the ugliest, most misogynistic races ever run. I’ll bet money on it.