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Saturday Morning Sugar Pop! Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know

Just when you thought you had banished this song from your memory!

Early Morning Metal! Compressorhead – Ace Of Spades

At least our future robotic overlords will have good taste in music!

Saturday Morning Sugar Pop! Milli Vanilli – Baby, Don’t Forget My Number

Studies show that too much pop music will make you a cranky old person. It’s science!

Saturday Morning Sugar Pop! Justin Bieber – Baby

Doesn’t this make you want to run outside just to escape the sound?

Early Morning Les Miserables! Jean Valjean – Who Am I?

I’m going today! EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Early Morning Metal! Manowar – The Power Of Thy Sword

It really is a shame Manowar doesn’t have more actual videos. They would be either super cheesy or absolutely epic. It’s a win-win!

Early Morning Metal! Ministry – Thieves

RIP Mike Scaccia.

Saturday Morning Sugar Pop! Aqua – Barbie Girl

Oh yeah, I went there.

Early Morning Apocalypse! Fishbone – Party At Ground Zero

Happy Mayan (non) Apocalypse! I know! I know! You’re all disappointed the world didn’t end. Maybe the NEXT prophecy will come true?

Early Morning Metal! Visions of the Night – Total Victory

Oh. My. God. It’s Canadian Death Metal. CANADIAN DEATH METAL! I’ll bet they’re the politest Death Metal band on the planet….