Shades Of Mitt – Senate Candidate Proud Of Sending Jobs Overseas

If you’ve ever suspected that Republican voters suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, Georgia’s Republican Senate candidate, David Perdue, should make you think. While there is absolutely no doubt that the outsourcing of American jobs has been detrimental to our economy and to the middle class in particular, he brags about the fact that he sends jobs overseas.

Like Mitt Romney, Perdue’s career is centered around revitalizing companies and making them more profitable for shareholders. As far too often happens in the business world, profits rise when employee costs fall, which sometimes means layoffs and often means outsourcing.

Perdue, like Romney, is running as a “job creator,” however, Politico uncovered a deposition from 2005, in which Perdue is quoted as saying, “Yeah, I spent most of my career (outsourcing).”

When asked about the statement, Purdue went even further than Romney, saying,

“Defend it? I’m proud of it,” he said in a press stop at The White House restaurant in Buckhead. “This is a part of American business, part of any business. Outsourcing is the procurement of products and services to help your business run. People do that all day.”

“I think the issue that people get confused about is the loss of jobs,” he said. “This is because of bad government policies: tax policy, regulation, even compliance requirements. It puts us at a competitive disadvantage with the rest of the world. Even today, right now this administration has policies going on that are decimating industries today.”

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

In a debate, Purdue’s opponent, Democrat Michelle Nunn, jumped on he statement, saying, “He would be the only senator that — from his own words — has built a career around outsourcing American jobs,” said Nunn. “That’s not the experience we need in Washington. … David in his deposition talked about 16 countries … but not once did he talk about creating jobs in the United States.”

No polls have been conducted since the debate, but Perdue is ahead of Nunn by an average of 3.2 percent. Hopefully, his outsourcing revelations will be his “47 percent moment.”

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