Are Republicans REALLY Hoping Mitt Romney Will Run Again? (Hint: Yes)

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If that’s true, Republicans seem to have gone completely off the deep end:

Polls are sounding an encouraging note. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll in August said 35 percent of Republican voters in Iowa, which Romney narrowly lost in the 2012 Republican caucuses, would go for him in 2016, far better than any other potential candidate.

A Romney run would depend on whether any of the current crop of potential candidates caught fire.

Personally, I would be thrilled if Mitt Romney were to run again. He did far more damage to the GOP’s image than Democrats could ever do on their own.

First, the Republican establishment loves Romney for the simple reason that he embodies everything the Republican Party stands for: he’s a filthy rich white guy that has absolutely no compassion for the poor or middle class and he will do or say anything to win.

Second, the Republican base hates him because he’s so obviously not a frothing ideologue. They know full well that Romney could get into office and not decide that banning abortion and gay marriage is the single most important issue in the country. How do you trust an Etch-A-Sketch?

Add to that his numerous gaffes and, of course, the infamous 47% comments in which he clearly states that he doesn’t give a damn about almost half the country because they’re poor.

Yeah, Romney would be an awesome three time loser candidate!

You have to wonder how desperate the right wing must be to even contemplate running Romney again. If you look at the other potentials, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, etc., they’re either ideologues that will never appeal to mainstream America or, in the case of Bush and Christie, not bigoted enough to appeal to the Republican base. Jeb Bush doesn’t hate immigrants and Chris Christie doesn’t hate Muslims. Clearly, they’re not real Republicans with attitudes like that!

The coming panic from the right is kind of understandable. If and when Hillary Clinton declares her candidacy, it’s going to be a nightmare for Republicans. She’s already crushing every potential Republican candidate and it seems unlikely that there will be another Barack Obama-style upset in the Democratic primaries.

On top of that, the Republican primaries are going to be far more brutal than the last round as the GOP has shifted even further to the right than just 3 years ago. The candidate willing to be the most bigoted, racist, bloodthirsty and intolerant bible-thumping conservative they can will win. And every second of their shameless pandering to the rabidly bigoted right wing base be on tape to play in an endless loop in campaign commercials.

Good luck with that, Republicans.

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