Only 5 Show Up To Militia Organized Border Shutdown

Only five people showed up to the “Shut Down All Ports” protest in Pharr, Texas along the Mexican border on Saturday morning. Rob Chupp, organizer of the successful utter failure had a plausible bullshit excuse for the turnout: Mexican drug cartels threatened them.

Well that seems legit….not.

Rob Chupp, a super-duper patriotic militia member, organized the event in hopes that they’d be able to disrupt commerce and draw attention to┬áMarine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who is jailed in┬áMexico. Later Chupp said their goal changed and the group wanted to see how many law enforcement agents they could tie up with their pathetic attempt of a protest.

When only five people showed, the organizers claimed they’d cancelled the event at the last minute because of threats of bloodshed from Mexican drug cartels. They claimed a bunch of people from Sonoma, Mexico had attempted to infiltrate their Facebook group. They also claimed that one militia member had been followed.

I call bullshit. First of all, it’s pretty funny that a border militia group organized an event with the intentions of funneling law enforcement resources away from actually protecting the border. I thought the purpose of these ‘Merikan militias was to protect the border.

Secondly, it’s highly unlikely that drug cartels in Mexico were worried about this circle jerk of “patriots.” But let’s pretend for a second that Chupp and his fellow chumps actually were threatened. I thought these groups weren’t afraid of the Messicans and their cartels. They have Jesus and guns on their side to protect them!

It’s easier to blame the cartels than to admit your protest was a total failure but really, nobody likes a sore loser.