NJ Dem Drops Out Of Race Over Bigoted And Racist Remarks

Democrat Joe Sorrentino dropped out of a New Jersey borough council race after reports emerged that he used racist and homophobic slurs and two incidents at a diner.

In 2007 police say Sorrentino was one of several men involved in an altercation outside of a diner. He allegedly had his pants down, mooning patrons, while yelling “nigger” through the diner window. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

As if that behavior wasn’t douchey enough, the next year he was involved in another diner incident. Sorrentino was eating with a friend when he got into an argument with two other diners. He apparently decided to call them “dykes” and other assorted names.

Yesterday I told you about a Wisconsin Republican who dropped out of a race for similar behavior. People on the right like to claim that we ignore the actions of Democrats when they are ignorant assholes. That’s not true.

Sorrentino apologized for his remarks, he says he’s been reformed but it doesn’t matter. In two incidents he proved that when he is frustrated he resorts to racism and bigotry. He does not belong in our party.

Liberals have no patience for someone like that. We are comfortable calling out idiots in our own party because we ate not hypocrites. The right likes to sweep bad behavior under the rug; the left will not.

If Sorrentino would like to enter into politics he should change his party. The right absolutely adores people who have no control or sensitivity. We do not.