9-Year-Old Who Fired Uzi Receives A Message From Deceased Instructor’s Children (VIDEO)

The four children of the Arizona firearms instructor who was killed by an Uzi are speaking out. In August, Charles Vacca was killed when the 9-year-old girl he was instructing lost control of the weapon and a bullet struck him in the head. Now his kids wrote a letter to the little girl and want her to know that they forgive her.

“We don’t know your name but we are connected by this tragedy. You’re only 9-years-old, we think about you. We are worried about you. We pray for you and we wish you peace. Our dad would want the same thing.” [Source]

That was among the things Vacca’s children Christopher, Tylor, Elizabeth and Ashley said to the young girl who unintentionally killed their father. A video of the children reading the letter was released to ABC News by a lawfirm hired by the family.

While the country was caught up in the sheer stupidity of a child firing an Uzi it’s easy to forget that there were other people hurt by the incident. It was absolutely outrageous that a little girl was allowed to fire a fully automatic sub-machine gun, but she wasn’t the only one damaged by a whole lot of dumb adults.

Vacca’s children reaching out so soon after they lost their father is pretty amazing. Their message to the child was kind and compassionate. A 9-year-old child doesn’t think the same way we do, she’s likely blaming herself. The letter of forgiveness from Vacca’s children was probably the best thing that she could receive.

Watch the children read the letter here:

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