Radio Host: President Obama Wants To ‘Mow Down’ White People

Apparently, Michael Savage wants to see more of this on American streets, as long as the guns are being pointed at minorities. Image courtesy of <a href=

Earlier this month, radio host Michael Savage might have issued the most racist tirade ever uttered on radio, all to promote his new book. In his rant, he accused President Obama and the Department of Homeland Security of ignoring crimes, unless committed by white people.

Savage compared Ferguson, Missouri to the stand off at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, claiming that the feds didn’t interfere in Missouri because it wasn’t white people who were rioting. Here’s his rant (comments added).

If you think that ISIL is no threat, then you belong in the Department of Homeland Security (I guess the fact that we’re going to war has passed him by), who’s still waiting for the white men on the ranches to arise over a land dispute with Harry Reid’s uranium mines (no, it was a dispute over the fact that Bundy has been stealing taxpayer-owned land). That was quite a statement. Remember that, how long ago that was? The Bureau of Land Management was ready to shoot, kill, women and children (that they put in the line of fire) because they were protesting the taking of the rancher’s land – oh that was ages ago. (and the feds did nothing)

Oh, but DHS was ready. They had the tanks ready, they had the helicopters ready, because it was white people who were protesting. Not rioting, mind you, but protesting (the protesters were heavily armed, and again, the feds did nothing). DHS was ready to mow them down (and they didn’t). Where was the DHS in Missouri? They were silent. There were no tanks from the DHS (no, because the cops had all the military gear necessary and unlike the feds in Nevada, they were using it). There was no DHS present, because it wasn’t white people. They’re waiting for you to riot when he grants amnesty to the illegals and steals your country by changing your demographics and gerrymandering districts with illegal aliens.

That’s quite a sentence. It’s a complete sentence too. Now, I warned you. I warned you for well over a year now, that this corrupt government would try to stimulate insurrection in this country to declare martial law. I pray to God I’m wrong. I asked the publisher of my new book, “Stop the Coming Civil War” to rush the book. I cannot wait until October (gotta get that book plug in. Sales 101 – create urgency).

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