America Shrugged: Third Libertarian Film In A Row Goes Down In Screaming Flames

Answer: No one cares.

Answer: No one cares.

You know, for a “movement” that’s supposed to be totally grassroots and on the rise, libertarians can’t seem to muster ANY enthusiasm for their shitty movies:

Opening in 242 theaters in select markets, the movie grossed between $355,000 and $455,000, well behind the $1.7 million debut of Atlas Shrugged: Part I from 299 locations in April 2011. The second film, launching to $1.8 million in October 2012, isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison, since it rolled out in more than 1,000 locations.

In other words, the movie based on Ayn Rand’s “life changing” book about the greed inhumanity all around scumbagginess heroism of the 1% flopped. Badly.

But I thought “real” Americans were flocking to the libertarian banner of “rational self-interest?” Whoops! I guess not. Another right wing myth dispelled by the real world.

The movie flopped even after the suckers greedy pricks hypocrites producers behind the Atlas Shrugged trilogy pulled out all the stops this time and got Ron Paul to make a cameo.

Guess Ron Paul only appeals to a very tiny group of Americans. Maybe that’s why they’re always complaining about being an oppressed minority?

Ron Paul aside, the producers also got other right wing dicks “celebrities” to make an appearance:

The theme resonates with Libertarians and conservatives, so the filmmakers reached out to Paul and some others who lean to the right. Also appearing in the movie are Sean HannityGlenn Beck, radio host Andrew Wilkow and Americans for Tax Reform founder Grover Norquist.

Still flopped.

Just to recap: Part one was released in 2011 and no one cared. Part two was released in October of 2012 in order to influence the election. No one cared and Obama won in a landslide. Part three was released to influence this year’s elections and, still, no one cared.

It’s going to be even funnier if Republicans have a poor showing again. That means all three movies will have had about as much of an effect of American politics as I do. That makes me smile so much my face aches.


More likely, though, with all of the political winds at their back, the GOP will have a mildly victorious night of it and the producers, both libertarian douchebags millionaires, will claim victory for their ideology. Because if there’s one thing that libertarians excel at above all else, it’s living in a fantasy world.

Personally, I hope they waste millions of more dollars on making more of Ayn Rand’s crappy books into more crappy movies. Every million they waste in Hollywood is a million less they can use to buy an election.