Elementary School Teacher Accidentally Shoots Herself While At School


Arming teachers is a fantastic idea! Wouldn’t all of you feel much safer knowing your child’s teacher is packing? The people of Utah sure feel safe. The state is one of a handful of states that allows educators (or any licensed gun nut) to carry their weapons on campuses. On Thursday, an elementary school teacher did just that, and is now recovering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The teacher at Westbrook Elementary School, in Taylorsville, Utah discharged her firearm accidentally in the faculty bathroom.

It was an accident! That totally makes it okay!

She was rushed to the emergency room after the bullet entered and then exited her leg. The school district did not release any other details about her or what she teaches.

In Utah parents, teachers, or principals do not need to be notified when a person, who has a concealed carry license, brings a gun to school. Also, no school district can ban firearms in their schools according to the following law:

Unless specifically authorized by the legislature by statute a local authority or state entity may not enact, establish, or enforce any ordinance, regulation, rule, or policy pertaining to firearms that in any way inhibits or restricts the possession or use of firearms on either public or private property……..includes public school districts, public schools, and state institutions of higher learning. [Source]

The law is supposed to make parents feel safer. The teachers who carry guns into the school represent the ‘good guys with a gun’ that the Second Amendment worshipers love to ramble on about. (FYI, to get a concealed carry permit in Utah, you need to complete a grueling 4 hour course. Truly, these are the trained elite -ed.) Do you think the parents at that elementary school feel safer? What if the toilet that the bullet hit after hitting the teacher had been a student?

Accidental discharges are unacceptable in a school full of children. This is the kind of incident that gun control advocates warned about. Utah let a bunch of people carry guns into schools and they have no idea what level of firearm training they have.

Now not only do parents have to worry about lunatics coming into the schools with guns and killing their children, they have to worry about teachers killing their children.

Right-wingers are going to Second Amendment your kids to death, just like this teacher did the toilet.

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  1. Neil307
    September 13, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    How does the NRA mantra go again? “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do?”

    Well… “Guns Don’t Kill Teachers, Teachers Do?”

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