Democratic Representative Suggests ‘Sexting’ To Organize Voters

Representative James Clyburn (D-S.C.) knows what Democrats need to do to get people to the polls in November: Sext them.

That’s right, the 74-year-old congressman told C-Span that Democrats need to use the tools they have to organize voters at the polls this November and apparently one of those tools is to…….talk dirty to constituents?

“Use the tools we have. We have great tools to communicate about everything else. We can text–what do we call it? Sexting. Let’s do some voting, organizing over the internet. We’ve got the tools. Let’s use them for a new massive movement that will make sure that we can have in November 2014 the kind of turnout at the polls that we had in 2012 in November.”[Source]



Unfortunately, he obviously misspoke. We probably aren’t going to get any Carlos Danger-esque pictures via text message. DAMN!

Sexting aside, Clyburn does make good suggestion. Democrats have notoriously low voter turnout during midterm elections. It is by far our biggest problem. With the Senate so close to being taken over by the do-nothing Republican Party we need a high voter turnout. It is imperative that our party get their butts to the polls this November.