What’s Behind The Right’s Constant Freak Out Over Obama’s Vacations?

Barack Obama

Frank S.: Piece of trash. 

Robert M.: Idiot……hang-em……

Ken V.: Just like Jesse Jackson capitalizing on ignorant American…

Christopher Z.: Looser. Waist of taxpayers money.

Ellen W.: Give him a drug test

Rolland R.: Lock the doors and pour salt all over the place, that should stop the Muslim slug.

Tracy S.: No care for the country, no time with his daughter’s or “wife”…people better wake up to what he really is…a gay guy, Muslim plant, drunk on power, sleeping with a man, fatherless to 2 innocent girls.

Michael W.: Thank you, Black America! You distinguished yourselves in the Civil War and now you’ve got your revenge on the Union Army…thank you!

William G.: I’m ashamed he’s half white

Vincent S.: Well u did elect a Black man….did you really expect him to work…lol…you guys did know he was black right…????

Fpl Bob: Commander in chimp!!! Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obame II ALLAH AKBAR…..bismillah-al-rahman-rahim!! Unfortunately, we have the Narcissist In Charge!!

Your brains all probably hurt right now. Mine sure did when I was reading those comments. They all came from the comment section of an article on the Facebook page for The Blaze. The article detailed President Obama’s last vacation and all these people were just stewing in their hate.

When I set out to write this article about presidential vacations I was going to say that it was a non-issue. Every president takes vacations, but they’re not really vacations. A president is never off the clock. My editor told me I was missing the point, it’s not really about Obama taking a vacation. No, it’s about the lazy black guy in the White House not working. It’s racism. So, I looked around and he was absolutely right (don’t tell him though). (too late! – ed.)

The common theme among the asshats commenting was “Obama is a loser, who doesn’t actually do any work and just spends our money.”  The majority of the comments were thinly veiled racism but some people had no problem saying exactly what they felt, political correctness be damned.

President Obama is the ultimate Welfare Queen according to these people. It doesn’t matter to them that he’s taken fewer (125 before the August break) vacation days than Bush (407 at the same point). It doesn’t matter that he went back to the White House for three of those days during his last one. It doesn’t matter that he was on the phone with world leaders during the whole vacation. The only thing that matters is that the black guy was playing golf. Maybe they’re pissed because he was hitting white golf balls. It’s reverse racism!!

When you bring up the fact that Bush took more vacation days, they don’t want to talk about that. “WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT BUSH!” They scream. Of course they’re not, because then they’d have to confront a very uncomfortable truth.

They just perpetuate the stereotype that all black people are lazy moochers at their expense, even the Harvard educated POTUS. It would be funny if it were not so very sad.

What I learned after delving into the pool of right-wing bigotry and racism is that it wouldn’t matter if the president took zero vacation days because to them he’s still a lazy n***er occupying their pristine White House.

Don’t call them racists though, because they’re TOTALLY not. They’re just concerned citizens.

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