Douchebags: Even After Arizona Tragedy The NRA Thinks Kids Can Have Fun At Gun Range

On Monday a 9-year-old girl in Arizona accidentally shot her instructor, Charles Vacca, in the head at a shooting range. The girl was firing an Uzi, a sub-machine gun, when the recoil forced her arms up and a bullet stuck Vacca, killing him.

On Wednesday, a mere two days later, the NRA kept it classy and tweeted an article,”7 Ways Children Can Have Fun At The Shooting Range,” from its NRA Women Twitter account. The tweet was removed some time later.

The NRA are complete douchebags. How insensitive do you have to be to post an article about kids having fun at the shooting range two days after such a tragedy?

It’s not really surprising I suppose, this is the same group that decided to hold a gun rally in Newtown after 20 small children were massacred. They obviously lack common human decency.

I can guarantee that 9-year-old girl doesn’t care how many colorful targets are brought to the range, she’ll probably never go back. Nope, she’s nine and is going to have to live with the horror that she shot and killed someone. At that age it’s highly unlikely that she realizes it’s not her fault. I’m sure she’s not blaming the stupid imbeciles who allowed her to shoot a fricken machine gun. A 9-year-old will just blame themselves. It’s black and white for a little kid.

But hey! Let’s just get some colourful targets and zombies or something, that’ll totally soothe the children when another tragedy occurs. Not.

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