Tea Party Blaming Obama For Bringing Back 1960′s Racism. Seriously (AUDIO)

newark riots

I can’t tell if Wayne Allen Root, a Tea Party “libertarian”/Fox News commentator, is delusional or just pandering to the hard core racists of the right. He’d have to be one or the other to come up with the following statement:

“It’s like we’re reliving the 1960s with Barack Obama,” said Wayne Allyn Root during a radio appearance Wednesday. “He didn’t come in to help us end the specter of racism, he brought it back, folks.”

Technically, this is actually true, the election of the first black president ripped the band-aid off of 50 years of simmering racial resentment in America. The problem with Root’s accusation is that Obama didn’t actually do anything to worsen race relations in the country other than be elected. You see, the racial resentment that came bubbling to the surface like a rotten fart was not from black people. No no no! The resentment came 100% from the angry white bigots who, correctly, saw a black president as a sign that they were losing control of a country they had designed to reward whites at the expensive of minorities.

Boo. Hoo.

So that 1960′s racism Root is complaining about? That’s the open racism that was driven underground for decades. It became taboo to openly complain about how much you hated black people. Society frowned deeply on that sort of thing. But these days, the right is so angry that they’re losing the culture war to maintain their white supremacy, they’re right back where they were 50 years ago: Openly despising blacks and proud of it. Hell, it’s practically a requirement to run for office as a Republican.

Root went on to complain that the police are allowing the rioting and looting for fear of being labeled racist blablabla. Strangely, Root was unconcerned with the fact that a bunch of white men with guns threatened to kill federal law enforcement (indisputably worse than looting) and the feds backed off rather than further inflame the situation. In fact, he was outraged OUTRAGED that, before they retreated, “The federal government has surrounded the Bundy family ranch outside Las Vegas with snipers, heavily militarized police, vicious police dogs, black SUV’s, helicopters, low flying airplanes and automatic weapons.”

So when the targets of “snipers, heavily militarized police, vicious police dogs, black SUV’s, helicopters, low flying airplanes and automatic weapons” are white criminals, it’s tyranny and the government looks like “Gestapo, the Stasi, or any other authoritarian Big Brother force that persecutes, intimidates and controls the people with an iron boot.” But when the targets are black protesters and looters (two separate groups, not that you’d know it by listening to the media), well, then it’s A-OK! No iron boot here, people!

The hypocrisy is so monumental it’s hard to wrap my head around it, but I guess when you’re a raging right wing racist, no lie is too ridiculous for you to swallow.

Here’s the audio: