Chubby Keith Ablow Tells Fox News Models They’re Fat


Fox psychiatrist turned professional bully, Keith Ablow, is back to calling the First Lady fat, but this time, he’s defending himself by admitting that he could lose “five pounds.” He doesn’t stop there, though. He tells the short-skirted women on Fox’s Out Numbered, that they each need to lose five pounds.

Ablow has never been a fan of Michelle Obama. While he appears to be obsessed with weight, he is also obsessed with the First Lady’s campaign to encourage children to eat right and exercise – and not in a good way. He has now repeatedly said that Michelle Obama is too fat to give nutritional advice. Ablow, who’s admittedly overweight, makes money off of selling a diet plan. Michelle Obama doesn’t make a penny from her healthy eating suggestions.

“Let’s provide some context. The context was to remind people of the draconian standards set by the first lady in her school lunch program, such that children are throwing their school lunches away. They’re inedible.”

Well, they’re not inedible, but there is a grain of truth in saying that children naturally rebel. Of course, they also naturally rebel against homework. Unlike homework, however, people do acquire a taste for healthy food when fed it on a regular basis. That being said, Michelle Obama doesn’t have the authority to mandate anything of anyone, other than perhaps her own children.

“And what I was reacting to was the hypocrisy, let me phrase it slightly differently. For someone who has struggled with her own weight, which I think she would agree with, who has struggled. So many of us have. For someone like that to say we’re going to set draconian standards.”

When asked how he knew Obama struggled, he said that pictures he’s seen prove “she has struggled with her weight or chosen to be much heavier than at other points in the administration. Maybe she’s chosen it. Maybe she didn’t struggle. Maybe she chose to be a larger woman.”

Then, after being confronted with a tweet that said that his “gut (was) comfortably hanging over his belt,” he admitted to having to lose five pounds, but added that all but one of the women next to him needed to lose about five pounds. At 5’11″, Michelle Obama wears a size eight. She weighs a muscular 170 pounds, which puts her within normal weight range for her height.

Here’s the video:

2 comments for “Chubby Keith Ablow Tells Fox News Models They’re Fat

  1. Steve
    August 21, 2014 at 9:25 pm

    Just judging from that picture I would say he needs to lose on order of 40 to 50 lbs. Not only is he suffering from an advanced case of ‘Dunlops’ (his belly hath done lopped over his belt) but his ‘physique’ from his armpits to his ample waist is basically a straight line. Another example of a self important AH who just cannot keep his large mouth shut.

  2. Nihilianth
    August 23, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Oh, my….a Faux Snooze take that I actually can side with…. :O

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