MMA Fighter Beats Girlfriends Into Hospital, Whines About How ‘Oppressed’ Men Are


I don’t follow MMA sports so I have no idea who “War Machine” is. I do, however, know that even the worst professional MMA fighter can break me into little pieces without much thought. That being said, when I heard that “War Machine” beat his ex-girlfriend, Cindy Mack, and a friend into a bloody pulp, the last thing I expected to hear is that he’s also one of those losers that think men are the real victims in America:

“So it’s Christmas Day and I’m laying in my bunk wondering, ‘Why the hell do American men get married!?” War Machine wrote. “There is one guy in here for slapping his wife, one here for yelling at his wife, and one here for beating some guy’s *ss that disrespected his wife. WTF!? If your wife is being a b*tch you can’t slap her, if your wife is yelling at you, God forbid you yell back, and if some *sshole hurts your wife, you cannot protect her!”

“Next thing you know it will be illegal to f*ck your wife! LMAO!” he continued. Maybe then, MEN in this country will get the f*cking hint and MOVE! This country forces you to be a b*tch! And then you go to jail!”

“The oppression of MEN is worse than oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany, worse than the slavery of blacks in early America … I’m not exaggerating either,” he said.

This is the mentality of the spoiled children of the Men’s Rights movement in which men, who hold almost all the social, economical and political power in America, are poor victims because they don’t have ALL the power.

As I’ve mentioned before, this is the precise kind of whining one hears from white male conservatives. “Waaaah! I can’t have every little thing I want! I’m oppressed!”

The sad thing? There are plenty of men out there that are looking at what is left of Cindy Mack and laughing their asses off. Bitch probably deserved it, right?

Sure she did, tough guy. Sure she did.

I suppose I shouldn’t be at all surprised that a man (only in the genetic sense of the word) who would pummel a woman would also be a misogynist. Just reading “War Machine’s” unbalanced rants, which are almost identical to what you’ll find in any given Men’s Rights forum, tells you everything you need to know about how deeply he despises women. Why did “War Machine” beat Cindy Mack? He’s just living the MRA dream of putting women in their place, of course.

Make no mistake, these people are a dangerous and growing threat. The more advances women make, the more threatened these “men” feel and the angrier they’ll get.