Patrick Dollard: Libertarians Are ‘Jewish Fags’


Libertarians are annoying, whiny and incredibly arrogant (with no justification whatsoever) and conservatives can’t stand them. But! Libertarians are far too useful for conservatives to openly bash. Well, at least most conservatives know to keep their mouths shut. Apparently, Patrick Dollard did not get the memo:

If you don’t recognize the name, Patrick Dollard is a true right wing piece of crap. Before the 2012 election, he was fearmongering about a “stolen election” and that people should be ready to take to the streets with their guns. Because, you know, the right isn’t violent or anything. And speaking of not being violent, After the second Fort Hood shooting (by a non-Muslim), Dollard tweeted: “If there is even one more act of Muslim terrorism, it is then time for Americans to start slaughtering Muslims in the streets, all of them.” So for him to mindlessly lash out at libertarians and Jews and homosexuals all in one tweet is not too surprising. Dollard wears his hate on his sleeve like a badge of honor. Most conservatives, however, are more subdued when it comes to Ayn Rand’s imbecile children.

You see, conservatives hate libertarians almost as much as I do but for very different reasons. I hate them because they’re so incredibly dishonest about not being right wingers (“I don’t believe in the phony right/left dichotomy but for some reason almost all of my positions are right wing!”). Conservatives hate them because they tend to be less socially conservative or less interested in pushing the anti-gay, anti-women laws that conservatives thrive on. Libertarians are also incredibly pretentious and like to boast about how smart they are. The conservative movement is incredibly anti-intellectual to begin with so this just rubs them the wrong way.

But no matter how much the right hates libertarians, most will never openly attack them because they are the embodiment of “the useful idiot.”

The way this works is that libertarians claim that they are not right wingers. They’re “neutral” or “above such petty partisan concerns.” But, curiously, they only seem to attack liberals and liberal ideas. Even when libertarians claim to 100% disagree with conservatives, they can’t seem to muster any energy to push back. Because they don’t really disagree at all. You don’t attack people that advance your cause even if you think they’re “Jewish fags.”

Take marriage equality: Libertarians “claim” that they’re against government intrusion into people’s lives but you know when they started to give a damn about equality? Right after the pro-equality side started to win across the country. All of a sudden, libertarians decided that gays shouldn’t have “special” rights, they decided that no one should have their marriage recognized by the government. It was OK for heterosexuals to have state-sanctioned marriages before but now that homosexuals have them, too? Well, now state sanctioned marriage is just plain wrong! You see how reasonable that is? It completely supports the right’s stance against marriage equality while pretending not to be a right wing position.

The Republican establishment loves them some libertarians (in a non-gay way) for this very reason. They just won’t let them get any real power. Look at tthe 2012 GOP primaries. I despise Ron Paul and just about everything he stands for but even I was surprised by how much dirty pool the GOP played when it looked like his disciples were getting too much power. But they were so quiet about it, most people didn’t even notice. Libertarians are good for Strum und Drang but certainly not for advancing the GOP’s corporate agenda.

It’s the same scam Republicans pulled in 2010 with the Tea Party. “We’re not Republicans or conservatives! We’re fiscally responsible Tea Partiers!” And as soon as they got power? It was all right wing issues all the time. Even the great libertarian cause of legalizing marijuana needed liberals to actually do it.

But all good things eventually end. Sooner or later, the “libertarian” right will split from the mainstream right as it inevitably descends into open racism and White Supremacy or libertarians will drop the pretense of being “neutral.” Libertarians (almost all white males) mostly believe the same things, they just prefer to hide it behind a thin veneer of “free market capitalism” that they believe will favor them because they have white skin and penises “work harder” than those lazy Negros other people.

Or, as xkcd put it: They think they are “intrinsically better”:



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  1. July 15, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    I’m fairly certain a large group of libertarians are just closet Democrats. The social policies of the right make them sick, but they can’t pull themselves to make the full switchover because they grew up learning that liberals are tree-hugging pussies. So being a libertarian is some kind of bizarre compromise. Plus it never hurts to say you hate government when the current Congress is at its suckiest point of sucking.

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