More Right Wing Racism: Immigrant Children Are All Thugs And Gangsters

The longer the humanitarian crisis at the southern border drags on, the more I’m seeing memes like this one appear on my Facebook feed and in debate forums:


Because everyone knows that all South and Central American men are hardened criminals. But don’t you dare call anyone that posts a picture like this a racist. You’re just a racebaiting liberal if you do that!

There are going to be some people that believe this to be true. You can dismiss those people because they also believe that Obama has FEMA camps prepared to hold all white conservatives after he declares martial law and starts his third term.

No, the ones you want to focus on are the ones that know it’s not true but “believe” it anyway. Here’s Aaron’s response when someone points out that the picture is a lie and he knows it:

I’m sure they are all babies and toddlers and have not become products of their environment whatsoever

Translation: All South and Central American men are hardened criminals.

So there’s the racism that’s so rampant among conservatives. They know that these kids are being sent here, many of them alone, to escape the violence tearing apart their home countries. They’re not immigrants. They’re refugees fleeing a life of almost guaranteed violence and an early death. But so what? They’re brown!

Here’s a few pictures of these future hardened criminals whose parents were so desperate to keep them safe, they sent them thousands of miles away by themselves:


The little girl in the pink shirt looks especially dangerous. We should keep an eye on her.


The next Scarface? Wait, wasn’t he Cuban? Whatever. It’s not like conservatives could tell the difference anyway…


Think about how dangerous it must be where they live for this to be a viable option. I can’t even imagine being this desperate but tens of thousands of parents have reached that point. Why would we even contemplate sending them back?

I would also like to point out that these are children and teenagers being held in conditions we wouldn’t hold dogs in. And while liberals are screaming bloody murder about the inhumane treatment, conservatives are screaming “Go home! USA! USA! USA!”

I think what is happening here, aside from the raging racism of conservatives, is a strong need to dehumanize these children.

Picture this: The United States is the single richest country that has ever existed in the history of the world. We spend more money on our military than than next eight countries combined. So there is literally no compelling case to be made that we can’t afford to take these children in and care for them as opposed to sending them home to be killed or worse.

Picture this: Conservatives fancy themselves to be the Greatest Christians In The World™. No one loves Baby Jesus as much as they do. They are the absolute peak of the piety pyramid. Baby Jesus loves them so much in return, he gave them America, the Greatest Christian Nation In The World™. But they can’t overcome their innate racism to do the Christian thing and help these refugees. Instead, they rage and rant and rail against the very idea of taking them in. Even worse, these are children, some of them very very young. How to justify the hate and still pretend you love Baby Jesus?

Easy! Stop thinking of them as children. Or people.

As long as they’re potential thugs and criminals, conservatives don’t have to feel a shred of guilt for demanding they be thrown to the wolves. It’s incredibly dishonest and incredibly selfish but are you really surprised? That’s pretty much the right wing in a nut shell to begin with.

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  1. labman57
    July 10, 2014 at 8:58 pm

    Tea-chugging conservatives regard these immigrants — women and children included — as parasitic ‘germ sponges’. If they die soon, it’s all the better … just so long as it happens on foreign soil.

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