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The Right Keeps Arguing With Empty Chairs

or: “No, Right Wing Imbeciles, Liberals Do NOT Support ALL Leftists”

You have to hand it to right wingers: they are the masters of abusing every logical fallacy in existence.

The most recent example? The growing violence in Venezuela. A recurring theme is popping up on the right: Since the government of Venezuela is nominally a leftist one, all liberals must take the blame for its repressive nature. Oh, and HA HA! A lefty country is failing because libtards suck!

First, this kind of cruel joy at the sufferings of others is typical of right wingers. Nothing makes them happier to see people they don’t like in pain and misery. Because, you know, they’re good Christians or something. On the other hand, if Israel were to descend into a civil war, liberals might root for the racist warmongers currently in charge to be kicked out. What we wouldn’t do is crow about how awesome it is that a right wing government led its country into chaos and bloodshed. Possibly owing to the fact that liberals aren’t dicks.

Second, is there some unwritten law that says liberals must defend all leftist governments? I’m no fan of Castro and while Stalin was way before my time, I’m quite aware he was a monster. I don’t actually know any liberals that think Stalin was some kind of hero and while many liberals think our embargo of Cuba is silly (let’s face it, the embargo completely failed, time to move on), I can’t think of any that lionize Castro.

What we’re really seeing is a pathetic attempt to smear liberalism by pretending we worship extreme left wing dictators. Meanwhile, the only difference between several Middle Eastern theocratic oligarchies and what the right openly advocates for America is the religion. If Iran was run by Christian fanatics instead of Muslim fanatics, the right would abandon Israel in a heartbeat to embrace their new best friends.

But let’s all keep pretending liberals all love communist/socialist regimes, no matter how cruel they are. After all, if the right didn’t have their empty chairs to argue with, they might have to face reality for a change and that might make their tiny hate-filled brains explode.


Republicans Show Their Disgust For The Middle Class (Again)

bullshit-meter-2I know the Volkswagen/UAW vote is over and the union lost by a fairly slim margin (712-626 or just 45 votes the other way) but it’s still worth noting that the GOP did everything it could to interfere. They lied about Volkswagen bringing more jobs to the area if the workers voted against the union (which VW repeatedly denied) and they flat out threatened the company:

State Senator Bo Watson, who represents a suburb of Chattanooga, warned on Monday that if VW’s workers voted to embrace the U.A.W., the Republican-controlled Legislature might vote against approving future incentives to help the plant expand.

“The members of the Tennessee Senate will not view unionization as in the best interest of Tennessee,” Mr. Watson said at a news conference. He added that a pro-U.A.W. vote would make it “exponentially more challenging” for the legislature to approve future subsidies.

Mind you, Volkswagen WANTED the union. Unions, of course, helped the American middle class (and America itself) thrive and grow for decades. But unions are one of the most effective counters to the massive amount of money corporations pour into elections. They also keep corporate greed in check. Hence, unions must not be allowed to propagate. Can’t have the common rabble pooling their resources to have a voice to match the billionaires, can we?

The 1% Would Like For You Filthy Commoners To Stop Voting Now Please

I’ve mentioned this a few times and people scoffed but I’m absolutely convinced that the GOP will start drafting legislation that says the rich should get more votes than the poor or, the flip side, that poor people shouldn’t vote at all. Why?

Because it’s what the 1% think is “fair”:

Tom “Progressive Kristallnacht” Perkins expounded on his views once again last night, and was asked for positive solutions. He’s definitely thinking outside the box:

The Tom Perkins system is: You don’t get the vote if you don’t pay a dollar in taxes. But what I really think is it should be like a corporation. You pay a million dollars, you get a million votes. How’s that?

He tried to play it off like a joke but let’s be honest: this is how he and much of the 1% thinks. The system exists for their benefit and how DARE we commoners vote to improve our lives?! The sense of entitlement is astonishing. It’s not enough to control most of the money and most of the power, they need ALL of it. Because, you know, they’re better than you. But there I go again, waging class warfare against the poor, innocent billionaires….


Libertarians Jumping On The “I’m A Victim!” Bandwagon

Jump_On_The_Bandwagon_1I don’t think it’s a “new” talking point for the “I’m secretly a conservative but lie through my teeth about it” libertarian movement but I’m starting to notice they’re really pushing the whole “Taxes are violence and slavery perpetrated against free people” concept. Pretty much every conversation I have or follow with libertarians degenerates into this nonsense. I can only assume they’ve been watching conservatives play the victim card so successfully and want in on that action.

By “successfully” I mean that conservatives have perfected the victim mentality necessary to keep the real world at bay. Fox News and AM Hate Radio have taken great pains to make their audience feel that they are under attack from all sides. This has the dual effect of making conservatives both paranoid and isolated. This is same way cults control their victims. When everyone is lying to you and trying to hurt you, you can only trust your fellow cult members.

However, this transparent bullshit falls apart when you ask who’s forcing them to live in the United States, this evil land of violent taxes. They’ll claim it’s not their fault they were born here (but they love America!) and why should they have to move? Of course, nothing is KEEPING them here but so what? They’re the victims!

The fact that libertarians equate taxes to violence and slavery shows that they live in a world of ignorant privilege. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them are male, white and grew up in middle class surroundings. No one who has spent any time being oppressed for real could do anything but sneer at the libertarian pretension to victimhood.

Rich White Kid Still Gets Probation For Drunkenly Slaughtering 4 People. Justice Is Served!

By “Justice is served,” of course, I mean “served with a side order of bullshit.”

Try to imagine this insult of a sentence being handed down to a poor black kid in Texas by this same judge:

Judge Jean Boyd again decided to give no jail time for Ethan Couch, defense attorney Reagan Wynn and prosecutors told reporters after the hearing, which was closed to the public. Prosecutors had asked Boyd to sentence him to 20 years in state custody on charges related to two people who were severely injured.

The sentence stirred fierce debate, as has the testimony of a defense expert who says Couch’s wealthy parents coddled him into a sense of irresponsibility. The expert termed the condition “affluenza.”

Wynn and prosecutor Richard Alpert would not identify the facility where Couch will go or where it is located. The teen’s family previously had offered to pay for Couch to go to a $450,000-a-year rehabilitation center near Newport Beach, Calif.

Want to know the reason Justice is blind? It’s because she gouged her eyes out in disgust.

Blind Justice

The only upside is that this poor little rich kid with his hard, hard life will almost certainly violate the terms of his probation and people will be watching. Then again, considering how tough the judge was on him, Couch will probably have his sentence commuted after three weeks for good behavior.

Dumbass of the Day: Fox News Is Offended By The LEGO Movie Because Why The Hell Not?

dumbass_thumbAnd now I am dumber for having watched this. I had to go clean out my ears because they were clogged by the brain cells trying to escape the stupidity. Behold, Fox News! Entertainment for “adults”:

“Looks a little bit like Mitt Romney” Yes, in the sense that he has a face. For fuck’s sake, Lord Business doesn’t even look like Will Ferrell and THAT’S who it’s supposed to be! This is how you speak to children.

And why is the head of a corporation easy to cast as the villain? Gee, I don’t know….maybe because their companies pollute our food, air and water? Maybe because they make millions in bonuses while firing millions of workers? Maybe because they sell dangerously defective products and never get punished for it? Maybe because they got so greedy, they crashed the American economy, destroyed the lives of countless people, demanded we bail them out and then turned around and worked even harder to screw the people that JUST paid to keep them in business?

I dunno, Fox, maybe that’s all just liberal hysteria and indoctrination…..Or maybe you’re just Kochsnorting whores for the 1%.

Creationists Challenge Bill Nye And Immortalize Their Appalling Ignorance

So Matt Stopera put himself through the agonizing pain of talking to stupid people at the Bill Nye annihilates Ken Ham massacre debate. He let them write a question to ask Bill Nye and put their painful ignorance of display. Here are the worst ones:

thermodynamics Lucy theory monkey science

I COULD take the time to answer these but, frankly, I’d rather play with my three year old. It’s more intellectually stimulating then dealing with Creationists.

Getting Our Kids Ready To Accept A Police State

No, not the kind of police state where Big Brother is watching you. The corporations already have us conditioned to ignore our right to privacy. I’m talking about the idea that keeping millions of our fellow citizens in prison is perfectly normal.

And how are we doing this? By arresting children and throwing them in jail for pretty much any reason whatsoever:

A 12-year-old Florida student was arrested earlier this month after he “deliberately passed gas to disrupt the class,” according to police. The child, who was also accused of shutting off the computers of classmates at Stuart’s Spectrum Jr./Sr. High School, was busted November 4 for disruption of a school function.

He was led out in handcuffs. All 4’11″ of him.

This is how you train a generation to accept the idea that mass incarceration is a natural state of order. And why is this happening? Because there’s a profit to be made throwing people in jail and keeping them there as long as possible. Privatization and profitization of government functions has a deeply distorting effect on our society. Until we turn our back on the poisonous ideas that “government is the problem” and profit is its own reward, we will continue to allow the private sector to manipulate us for a buck.