Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please!!!

The Hill reports Darrell “I’ll catch you, you wascally wabbit!” Issa has a serious agenda for 2014:

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) in 2014 will pursue the IRS scandal, the deadly Benghazi attack and the botched Fast and Furious operation in what will likely be his last year as the House GOP’s chief investigator.

Issa sounded a cautionary note that the investigations might not conclude while he has the gavel.

Every scandal the right has manufactured has completely failed to stick. Mostly because the lies the GOP fed the public kept getting exposed. At this point, they’re reduced to screaming BENGHAZI at the top of their lungs and hope that the rather large part of the electorate that doesn’t watch Fox News will mistake “loud” for “possibly true.”

Good luck with that!

4 Responses to Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please!!!

  1. Have you ever read this guy’s background? How did he even get into office, he is a career criminal.

  2. I am terribly sorry for posting in this article, and not a more appropriate one. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the comment section does not appear in your latest “Baby Daddy” article. It doesn’t say “Comments closed.”

    Now, for the past two months or so, I have been going through and reading your blog from the very beginning. I am now up to Sept. 2012. (You have interesting points I never thought of before.)

    But this is IRT your Baby Daddy series:

    Why not encourage those two young women to adopt? I was asked by a lady friend of mine if I could be a donor so she could have her own child. I convinced her that it would actually be far better for her to adopt a child that is already in this world and in desperate need of a good home, than to bring another child into the world. I completely understand the desire to want to give birth to your own child, and to raise him or her. Even if a child is not genetically yours, a child is still a child, and deserves all the love and compassion a caring adult could show. There are already so many children in this world in desperate need of just that. Maybe you could convince your lady friends to also adopt at least one?

    • Justin Rosario

      Sorry, comments close automatically after a few weeks.

      As for adoption, I can’t speak for the women involved but not everyone is capable of forming that parental bond with a child not their own. Others need to have gone through the process of creating life to feel complete as a person. Still others want to pass on their own blood. There are many reasons people want a biological child of their own and i was proud to have been able to help my friends achieve their dream.

      • Ok. That’s a good answer. I wonder though: How true is it that a person would actually have less capability of forming a special bond with an adopted child as opposed to a biological child? I suppose it would because it is instinctually innate. I would bet, however, that the vast majority of parents-to-be could easily form such a strong parent-child bond with a nonbiological child if given the opportunity to adopt.

        After my experience of being approached like that (to be honest, I was uncomfortable with the idea of sperm donation. Just a quirky personal thing that I can’t rationally explain), and being able to convince the mother-to-be to adopt and seeing how happy she is with a child that probably will end up with a much better life than he otherwise would, I am now becoming a sort of an advocate for adoption. You see, the woman of whom I speak was at first skeptical about having the ability to show the love and affection necessary with in a mother-child relationship as you have just described. But she has really grown in love with the child and she’s a great mother. There are already 7 billion people on this planet, and many of whom live in abject poverty. Not really arguing or anything, just something that I like to put out there for people to think about.

        Anyway, I have derailed this article, haven’t I? I apologize for that.