Obamacare Starts Up And Millions Now Have Health Insurance, Conservatives Outraged

I cannot WAIT to hear the outrage OUTRAGE from conservatives over the impending glitches in Obamacare. If millions of new people were to be added to the system and there were NO glitches, it would be a digital miracle. BTW, if that were to actually happen, you will never EVER see it reported on the evening news. Liberal media bias and all that.

More realistically, there will be names that were input the wrong way, duplications, omissions, etc.

This is what Fox News and AM Hate Radio will seize upon in a new frenzy.

The funny part will be:
A. Watching conservatives complain that people who have never had health insurance before are not getting it RIGHT NOW because of a glitch.
B. Watching conservatives pretend they give a flying fuck about those people.

2 Responses to Obamacare Starts Up And Millions Now Have Health Insurance, Conservatives Outraged

  1. Hi Justin,

    Who do you have so much hate in your heart toward others? What’s eating you inside that you have to lash out in such an angry way? That is EXTREMELY unhealthy and will ultimately consume you (if it hasn’t yet). I just read your article on ‘Liberals Unite’ titled “Both Sides Are Not the Same and Here’s a New Way To Prove It.” Are you aware that you yourself are being gravely intolerant of others? Why are you doing the very thing that you say you so despise – the exact same thing? People are unique and should never be shoved in a box with a general label slapped onto it. Take the time to really get to know people via open discussion first. It doesn’t take much intelligence to degrade others – not much at all. Political labels are merely a way to divide the American people so the leaders can continue to use, abuse and bamboozle us ALL – every single one of us.

    Have a great, positive and healthy New Year!

    M. Bonnevie

    • Justin Rosario

      Ah, the ol’ “You’re being intolerant of intolerance!” argument. Do you know absolutely no one buys that story? Not even the people that pretend to in order to deflect attention away for the horrid things conservatives say on a daily basis. But please, you go right ahead and keep up the pretense that the conservative movement is not drenched in hate and bigotry if it makes you feel better.