Proof That Conservatism Is Becoming A Cult

I just caught this on Little Green Footballs and it absolutely confirms what I’ve been saying about conservatives for some time: They are a cult.


The more cult-like conservatism becomes, the more the right will reject any and all information that does not fit their doctrine. If Fox News denies Climate Change, it will not matter if Florida disappears under a rising ocean. If AM Hate Radio says homosexuality is a “lifestyle choice,” scientists could conclusively find the “Gay Gene” tomorrow and it won’t matter. And if the GOP deems evolution to be “lies straight from the pit of hell?” Well, then that’s what conservatives will believe regardless of evidence to the contrary.

After all, if Fox News/Republicans/AM Hate Radio is lying to them about evolution, what else might they be lying about? Better not to ask. Conservatives are not actually stupid. They are quite aware of how fragile their entire worldview is and anything that threatens their core beliefs, even things they know to be true, must be ignored.

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