Ted Cruz’s Dad Is A Sick F**k And The ‘Liberal’ Media Is Completely Ignoring It

It’s funny, but I’ll bet my life that if Obama’s father were alive and spouting extremist leftist rhetoric, we would all know every word of it and Obama would never have been elected. But here’s Ted Cruz’s freak of a father ranting and raving about how atheists are evil and does the “liberal” media even mention it?


Oh? That’s not fair? Ted Cruz is not responsible for what his crazy father says?

Ah. But Obama was responsible for all of the crap Rev. Wright said?

Oh? But Rev. Wright was obviously a deep influence on Obama so it’s totally relevant?

IT’S TED CRUZ’S FATHER! Can anyone, with a straight face, say that his father DIDN’T influence Ted Cruz?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. If you want to see how Ted Cruz really thinks, just look to his father. You’ll have to do it yourself, thought, because the “liberal” media certainly won’t do it for you. Reporting facts might appear biased or something.

The greatest trick the GOP ever pulled was convincing the mainstream media that it was “liberally biased.” It’s allowed Republicans to lie, cheat and steal for decades with no fear that the fourth estate would call them on it.

Fuck the mainstream media. They’re spineless cowards and actively working to make America a worse place by providing aid and comfort to those that would shit on the Constitution for the benefit of the rich and powerful.

2 Responses to Ted Cruz’s Dad Is A Sick F**k And The ‘Liberal’ Media Is Completely Ignoring It

  1. Fuck yes! I’m feeling your rage and I dig it. You’re exactly right. Preach!

  2. I have been pointing this out as well….it is time to drag this crazy man into the spotlight and beat Ted Cruz over the head with him….