Creepy Conservative Christian Quote Of The Day

Conservatives often bitch moan whine complain that liberals always exaggerate just how goddamn crazy they are. They SWEAR we only attack straw men and never the “real” positions of the right. Except that’s a bunch of bullshit. We quote them verbatim and they¬†still¬†can’t figure out why they end up looking like freaks and lunatics. For instance, here’s Gordon”Dr. Chaps” Kligenschmitt discussing a picture of a same sex couple with a baby:

One of the men almost has his tongue hanging out, like he’s licking his chops, like “This baby is ours now!” And that’s fine, you may call that love, but it looks to me a little bit like lust.

Here’s the mercifully short video:

“Licking his chops?” So, no heterosexual parent has ever stuck their tongue out and wiggled it around at a baby? Because we all know babies don’t find that absolutely hilarious or anything….

These are some seriously sick and depraved people. They look at two consenting adults in love and only see pedophilia or bestiality. What does that tell us about their minds? It certainly tells us more about their fear and loathing of healthy and normal sexual orientations than it does about the targets of their rage and lies.

10 Responses to Creepy Conservative Christian Quote Of The Day

  1. You have GOT to be kidding me. People WATCH this stuff??!!?? Unbelievable.

  2. Ignorant AND a deliberate lie. P.S. Like to know what studies he’s talking about.

  3. People will see exactly what they want to see.

  4. We know what this guy thinks about when he looks at babies. He also needs to go back to college. The most comprehensive study of same-sex parenting found that none of the kids turned out gay.

    • Justin Rosario

      That can’t be right, it should be roughly the same amount as you would find in the general population.

      • I know what you are saying, 10% of the kids should have been gay. But there was this one study of children who had been raised to adulthood by same sex adults. I cannot find it now.

        Guess, I am just trying to make the point (as did this particular study) that sexual preference isn’t learned.

        • Justin Rosario

          Actually, i would expect it to be slightly higher than the general population simply because the general population tends to not be as open about their orientation (think red states). The children of same sex couples have been raised to not be self loathing so they should be less likely to lie about it.

  5. Daniel "Gateman" Harned

    Never before have I wanted so badly to bitchslap the collar off a supposed man of God. I’d hate to see what he thinks of the fact my children will be raised by two pansexual adults.

  6. projection at its finest

  7. Robert J. Cassinelli

    The real perversion here is the alleged “man of god” imagining such an occurrence. The real question: Why are you, sir, thinking about this sort of thing at all?”