The Pope and the Palin

Years ago, before I hit the age of reason, I was once a devout christian, in a town where the only real difference between Catholicism and Christianity was the frequency of communion and confession, so I was a big fan of the Pope. After the church and I had a falling out (something about me being the spawn of some hellbeast or other leading the flock astray), I started looking back at the track record of the catholic church, and found out that there hasn’t really been a truly pious man of God in the cloth since the time of Martin Luther, at least in my opinion.

Enter Pope Francis, who seems to be kicking theological ass and taking names by returning to the old ways of the Catholic church. One of the things that has been causing a lot of backlash against him is his stance on the gays, and their right to equality (anyone who is a student of history might realize that this isn’t really much of a shocker, all things considered).  Personally, it’s his stance on the merit of atheists and homosexuals makes him somewhat inspiring to those of us who grew up thinking the motto of the Catholic church was “If it feels good, you’re going to Hell.”

Fortunately, everyone’s favorite living joke thinks differently. Sarah Palin was quoted saying “He’s had some statements that to me sound kind of liberal, has taken me aback, has kind of surprised me,” while others feel like Francis is throwing them under the bus by deciding to update the church’s stance on key social issues.

Now, there are a lot of things that can be taken away from this message; modern Conservative Catholics only support their pope if his prejudices line up with their own, that people who aren’t white and straight deserve to be second class citizens, that some modern religion seems to be based around making an excuse for your prejudice under the guise of piety. The most prevalent message I’m hearing, though, is this: If you’re conservative, you’re not a decent person. Now, admittedly, I’ve had some conservative friends that did not fit this mold, but they seem to be the exception, not the rule.

If you disagree with me about this, I don’t really care; anyone who thinks that equality can be achieved while there is class inequality under the guise of religious fervor is fooling themselves.

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  1. the pope is simply trying to get us Christians to be better emulators of the former Jewish rabbi we claim to emulate. That people are mystified and offended by this just shows how screwed up American Christianity has become…(thankfully not all the way, there’s hope yet)

    On a happier note.Ms. Palin’s newest book will soon likely end up on the same place her last one did…on a store shelf at the local Goodwill.

    • Daniel "Gateman" Harned

      Sad note: If you can find a copy of her book Going Rogue, it’s now worth more than any of us probably make in a week…

      • Well. Shoot. It was a couple dollars at good well a few weeks ago. I should have bought is along with the mike Huckabee book sitting next to it. I could have resold it for tons of pennies.

  2. The Sermon on the Mount is the most liberal statement in history.

  3. While I’m an atheist, and not even convinced Jesus existed at all, the fact still remains that if he did indeed live, regardless of his divinity status, he was as liberal as they came. But the right just doesn’t seem to understand that. Probably because they’re too busy looking for those 8 or 10-word pieces of scripture that give them the authority to judge and hate anyone different from themselves rather than living their lives as Jesus may have lived. I’m still not jumping for joy over this Pope (I don’t trust people that religious) but he does give me a glimmer of hope that he can rein in the crazies. Or at least his particular group of crazies.

    • Daniel "Gateman" Harned

      While it has been established that Jesus did exist (and apparently the major proof of his divinity was the fact he was born in 4 B.C.; I’m pretty sure most people would worship a baby born 4 years premature that lived haha). It has also been established that Republicans don’t worship Christian Jesus, but rather Republican Jesus (patent pending).

  4. Robert J. Cassinelli

    For the record “rabbi” did not exist at the time the guy from Galilee (or Nazareth) was walking around Palestine (or whatever they were calling themselves at the time (Roman client state would be a more accurate description). Just saw a meme which said, “If Sarah Palin thinks Francis is a liberal, wait ’til she meets Jesus!” She is in huge trouble, just sayin’! Recovering Catholic here by the way! As one of those the few, the proud, the Catholic no more, Francis (the juxtaposition of that name is notable) seems to be emulating what I early believed Catholicism was about.

    • Daniel "Gateman" Harned

      I really hope that this is a start of a beautiful trend of Catholicism being the great religion it once was (great in the sense that they used to actually do completely charitable acts of god for anyone in need, without judgment). But, given the history of assassination with popes, there’s a pretty decent chance he won’t be shuffling off this mortal coil naturally…

      • Robert J. Cassinelli

        Great movie to see “The Mission” about the Jesuits in South America and the creation of what has become in the 20th-21st Centuries – Liberation Theology. And it is a true story BTW with Robert de Niro playing the title role – or perhaps it was Al Pacino. Goes to the issue you raised Mr. Hamed – and of course the comments of M.K. Gandhi come to mind when we discuss “Christians” and that guy Jesus.

  5. Robert J. Cassinelli

    Oh, forgot to check a box.

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