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The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! Obamacare Website Madness!


The Fat Smug Bastard is down from filthy liberal New York an we dissect the GOP’s total failure in Virginia. We also expose the utter crap that is the right’s nonstop poutrage over the Obamacare website, tally up the two sides of the GOP’s civil war and how the Tea Party is probably going to win the battle but lose the war.

54:46 of juicy liberal awesomeness

Sleepy Time Thought: Virginia Swings Blue And The GOP Is Screwed

sleepy time thought


Just for you: 2 minutes and 50 seconds of my sleepy brainwaves

I Can’t Believe I Have To Defend Ted Cruz

I will never EVER forgive Steve Liesman for this.

Mexican music. Because he’s CUBAN! Get it?!?!? No, you must not racist white guy in a suit.

Look, I despise Cruz as much as any other rational human being but, really? Mexican music? Liesman is white, isn’t he? Let’s play him some Irish folk music. Or maybe some Russian opera? How about a little French pop? All white people are the same, aren’t they?

Thanks a lot, Liesman, you stupid redneck moron. Not only did you manage to insult Latinos across the country (hint, we’re not all the same and the majority of us do not listen to “Mexican music”) but you gave Cruz and his idiot followers cover to engage in their brand of right wing racism. “See?! See how racist the media is?! They’re the real racists!”

Good job, asshole.


David Frum Lists The 7 Ways The GOP Is Killing Itself


This is a must read:

Barack Obama was never likely to be popular with the Republican base. It’s not just that he’s black. He’s the first president in 76 years with a foreign parent—and unlike Hulda Hoover, Barack Obama Sr. never even naturalized. While Obama is not the first president to hold two degrees from elite universities—Bill Clinton and George W. Bush did as well—his Ivy predecessors at least disguised their education with a down-home style of speech. Join this cultural inheritance to liberal politics, and of course you have a formula for conflict. But effective parties make conflict work for them. Hate leads to rage, and rage makes you stupid. 

If you don’t know who David Frum is, he’s a conservative writer that was banished from the conservative movement for the terrible crime of….not being a fucking lunatic. He’s generally good for a realistic look at the sheer insanity of the right wing. At the end of the day, though, he’s still a conservative:

It’s a tempting shortcut to throw up one’s hands and say, “I’ve seen the best of it. The future holds only darkness.” It’s especially tempting for a party that disproportionately draws its support from older voters. The fact is that for those of us over 50, the future offers us as individuals only decline leading to extinction. It’s natural to believe that what happens to us must happen to the world around us. Who wants to hear that things will become much, much better for humanity shortly after we ourselves shuffle off the scene?

Actually, liberals do. That’s what makes us liberals. I wrote about this very thing almost two years ago when I quoted the Greek proverb:

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

Conservatives, especially the Baby Boomers, are appalled at the idea that the next generation will have it better or easier then they did. With that in mind, they will crack the bone and suck the marrow out, leaving only scraps behind. After all, if they can’t have it all the way they want, why bother leaving it intact? Even as he laments their descent into madness, David Frum unintentionally confirms that core right wing value: “I got mine, screw you.”

Sleepy Time Thought: Will The GOP Stop Me From Voting In Virginia?

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3 minutes, 14 seconds of my brainwaves.

The Media Has Officially Decided That Obama’s Response To Syria Was Bad

There are times I marvel at the way the media settles on a narrative and sticks to it like a fly on shit. In an article discussing how the GOP completely screwed itself over the shutdown, this little nugget was buried in paragraph 8:

All the while, they had the public on their side on the other issues that they could have litigated in the court of public opinion, like the need to get control of the nation’s long-term debt. And though they started the process last month with major advantages — a president on the defensive over an unsteady response to the war in Syria and an agreement by Democrats to keep financing the government at levels that many liberals felt were far too low — their fixation on the health care law prevented them from ever using their leverage.

On the defensive? Over Syria? In what universe is this?

Let’s rewind here a bit.

  1. Syria uses chemical weapons.
  2. Obama says “Bomb the shit out of them for using chemical weapons.”
  3. The left freaks out.
  4. The GOP, true to form, opposes this because Obama wants it.
  5. Just to clarify, the REPUBLICANS opposed bombing a country associated with terrorism.
  6. The GOP threatens to impeach if Obama bombs Syria without running it past Congress first.
  7. Obama says “OK, let’s have a vote.” and proceeds to make a very loud public case for bombing Syria.
  8. The GOP freezes like a deer in headlights at having their bluff called and immediately split in two. One half wants to bomb the brown people, the other half hates Obama more than they love bombing brown people.
  9. Russia is freaking out over Obama bombing their close puppet friend, Syria.
  10. Secretary of State John Kerry mentions, in an offhand manner, that we wouldn’t bomb Syria if they agree to surrender all of their chemical weapons.
  11. Russia pounces on this and announces that they will happily make sure that happens.
  12. Syria, for the first time ever, admits that yes, they have chemical weapons and they would like to get rid of them now, please.
  13. Obama agrees.
  14. Russia guarantees that Syria will abide by this agreement.
  15. It’s revealed that Obama and Putin discussed this beforehand. It appears that Kerry’s “gaffe” wasn’t a gaffe at all.
  16. Syria’s chemical weapons are currently being destroyed.
  17. Obama scores an unprecedented diplomatic and humanitarian victory and never fired a shot.

Seriously? This is a failure? This was “unsteady?” Obama strong-armed Russia. RUSSIA! Putin hates the US and Obama STILL got him to put his reputation on the line to ensure Syria’s complicity. Does anyone think Syria will not absolutely obey Russia lest they publicly embarrass their strongest ally? Yeah, those chemical weapons are toast.

But so what?! The American media has decided that this whole affair was sloppy and inelegant. Never mind the stunning success! It wasn’t pretty! It wasn’t elegant! We should have bombed Syria!!!!

I fucking hate the American media sometimes.


Rand Paul Admits He’s A Lying Piece Of Crap

Rand Paul was recently kind enough to confirm every unpleasant thing I’ve ever said about him, his father and their Libertarian movement:

LOUISVILLE, Ky.—Rand Paul was talking with University of Louisville medical students when one of them tossed him a softball. “The majority of med students here today have a comprehensive exam tomorrow. I’m just wondering if you have any last-minute advice.”

“Actually, I do,” said the ophthalmologist-turned-senator, who stays sharp (and keeps his license) by doing pro bono eye surgeries during congressional breaks. “I never, ever cheated. I don’t condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important.”

He went on to describe studying for a pathology test with friends in the library. “We spread the rumor that we knew what was on the test and it was definitely going to be all about the liver,” he said. “We tried to trick all of our competing students into over-studying for the liver” and not studying much else.

“So, that’s my advice,” he concluded. “Misinformation works.”

So if you can’t win honestly, cheat. Oh sorry, it’s not cheating, it’s just lying. Because there’s a difference….how?

And, of course, this philosophy of “Me, me, me!” is found in every lie he tells about Obamacare. In other words, Rand Paul does not believe in the free market at all. He believes in winning by rigging the game.

In other, OTHER words: Rand Paul is just a Republican that likes to smoke pot. He’s a con man, just like his father before him. He will run for president for the next 40 years and make millions off of simpletons who only hear “More pot, Less wars!” and ignore all of his anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-minority and pro-corporate slavery rhetoric and politics.

This is why I have even less respect for libertarians than I do conservatives (if such a thing were possible). At least conservatives are smart enough to know that they’re voting for bigoted scumbags. Libertarians think they’re somehow above such things and support the exact same policies because they can get stoned while doing it. Fucking imbeciles.

Sleepy Time Thought: Purging The Tea Party

sleepy time thought


My thoughts on where the GOP goes from here.  4:13

Want To See A Perfect Example Of Slut Shaming?

Confession: I do not know who Pam Bondi is. I know nothing about her politics or career. But the following article title caught my eye:

Florida Barbie Drops Investigation Against Trump After He Gives Her A $25K Campaign Check

“Barbie?” This is from an ostensibly liberal blog. Now, Bondi is a very attractive blonde but “Barbie” implies a level of dumb stemming from her looks. Not exactly a liberal trope.

Now, it’s true we call Sarah Palin “Caribou Barbie” but, in our defense, she is actually dumb and if she wasn’t pretty, no one would pay any attention to her.

But what really sealed it for me was this picture in an article about Bondi taking what appears to be a bribe from Donald Trump:

Pam Bondi Strutting her stuff in her underwear

Pam Bondi Strutting her stuff in her underwear

That is Pam Bondi in an Undie Run, a popular college activity/charity fundraiser. What, precisely, does this have to do with Donald Trump? Nothing, of course. This is pure, unadulterated slut shaming. She could be the worst person in the world but still would not deserve this. If we’re going to (rightly) bitch and moan about the right’s constant slut shaming, we should be better than this.

Right Wing Kool-Aid: When In Doubt Change The Facts

For the last few days, I’ve been arguing with a particularly whiny wingnut named William. William knows, he just knows, that Climate Change is not man made at all. He even quotes famed astronomer and quantum physicist Freeman Dyson on the subject.

What, you might ask, would an astronomer/quantum physicist know about climatology? Nothing more than the average person, really. So I pointed this out and good ol’ Willy got QUITE offended. He demanded proof that humans could affect the atmosphere on a global scale. This last part is a more recent talking about among conservatives. They’ve mostly abandoned the idea that Climate Change is a hoax but insist that humans couldn’t cause it. After all, the atmosphere is so vast and we humans are so puny! How could we possibly change the atmosphere?

And, with a smile on my face, I brought up the hole in the Ozone Layer. You know, the continent sized thinning of the Earth’s protective shield again cancer causing UV rays? The same one known to be explicitly caused by humans releasing CFCs from air conditioners and hairspray into the atmosphere? The same one that was so widely acknowledged that just about the entire world banned the use of CFCs.

Then I saw something that boggled my mind: William denied that the hole was manmade.

And he was serious! One of the worst man made environmental catastrophes in human history that we took deliberate steps to avoid and this dummy was pretending it was perfectly natural. That’s like saying Fukushima would have happened even if humans hadn’t been around.

But this is the conservative mind at work: An unanticipated fact rudely shakes up their prepackaged narrative and so it must be questioned.

This is why I no longer consider conservatism to be a political movement.  It’s a cult.