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How The Trayvon Martin Case Is Seen In The Right Wing Bubble

You know how it seems that right wingers live in an alternate reality that only bears a superficial resemblance to this one? Here’s the perfect example of how completely devoid of facts the right becomes when left to its own devices in the echo chamber of derp. This was posted on my page in defense of George Zimmerman. My response will be in bold:

Wendy Anderson No one seems to ask the questions that are important. Trevon was a “bigger” person than Zimmerman, he was taller and weighed more (actually he was three inches taller but 42 pound lighter) The media continues to show the “mugshot” of Zimmerman and show all the “middle-school” pictures or Trevon from years ago. (They do? I haven’t seen one of those in quite some time. I do, however keep seeing pictures of Trayvon on right wing sites with “magically” darkened skin) This is completely biased and automatically makes you think one way about Trevon and one way about Zimmerman. Why was Trevon in the gated community where Zimmerman lived? (Because his dad lived there, this was widely known from the day the story first went national) He didn’t live there and wasn’t visiting anyone that did. (Because a black kid in a gated community is automatically suspicious, the right seems to have made Trayvon’s father disappear into thin air to fit the narrative) It was pouring down rain and Trevon’s Dad let him “walk” to a gas station to get a “coke and skittles”?? (It was drizzling) His dad couldn’t give him a ride to the gas station to get a snack, considering it was pouring down rain? (How do we know it wasn’t pouring? Because you don’t hear it on Zimmerman’s 911 calls. “Pouring rain” is very loud)The fact that Trevon was walking in the rain, in the gated community of Zimmermans house is the definition of “suspicious”. (But not if he had been white, of course) He is the the neighborhood watch leader. What is suspicious about Zimmermans actions? Zimmerman never found Trevon again. He was walking back to his car when Trevon approached and attacked Zimmerman. They were fighting, on the ground. Trevon was going for Zimmermans weapon. (Says who? Zimmerman? I thought he was getting his head bashed on the ground. Martin did that and went for the gun at the same time? Wow.) I don’t know about you, but if I was trying to get in my car and someone attacked me and was trying to get my weapon from me, I live in Florida and theres no question i would use the “Stand my ground” law, I would defend myself against a 6’3″ male that was attacking me. (6’3″? If he was that tall but only 158 pounds, he would be a toothpick. Clearly the right needs Martin to be a big scary Negro to justify the shooting) There is a witness who was walking his dog that says he saw Trevon on top of Zimmerman, fighting with him, going for his gun. The witness was close enough to see that in the dark? It was 7PM in February and it was raining/drizzling. Who was this person that could see it all so clearly and when do we get to hear their testimony?)  I find it terrible that a young man lost his life, I wish that on no one, or their parents. However, you have to look at the facts. Did Zimmerman chase down Trevon and just shoot him?? No. Zimmerman was getting back into his car to go home, when he was attacked. Trevon was trespassing in a gated community in pouring down rain. Why didn’t Trevon go home? Why didn’t he leave? If he was scared and trying to get away then why did HE ENGAGE Zimmerman? If I was scared for my life and I had gotten away from the person that was scaring me then I would not have gone back to the gated community and engaged that person.

This is astonishing in its willful ignorance. I will bet my left kidney that this is the version of events to be found in every right wing comment section and chat room. Notice there is not one mention of the 911 dispatcher telling Zimmerman to stay in his car. Not one mention of the girl on the phone with Martin that tells a very different story. Not one mention of the fact that Zimmerman instigated the confrontation by following Martin in the first place. If Martin had pulled out a gun and shot Zimmerman in his car and claimed he felt threatened, I’m sure Wendy here would not be so gung ho about Stand Your Ground laws. After all, those are supposed to be for shooting black people, not getting shot by them.

Since this story first broke, the right has been working overtime to paint Treyvon Martin as some druggie nigger in a hoodie that had it coming. One imbecile suggested that Martin might have been aggressive because he was stoned. Let that sink in for a minute: Someone actually said, out loud, that marijuana makes you aggressive and violent. I don’t even smoke and I know that is imbecilic.

The Trayvon Martin shooting is the perfect microcosm of everything that is wrong in America today. It doesn’t matter what it is; if liberals are for or against it, the right MUST take the opposite side. Nothing can dissuade them from this. No fact, no evidence, no nothing is enough to keep them from making up a narrative to counter what actually happened. The left MUST be wrong at all times. If there was video uncovered that showed Zimmerman attack Martin, the right would absolutely ignore it or pretend that it just wasn’t relevant. Martin had it coming because liberals think he was murdered.

End of story.

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! Supreme Right Wing Scumbaggery


This week’s supreme episode in which we examine several Supreme Court decisions, some good, some bad. It was a great week to be gay and a terrible week to not be a white conservative voter. But will the GOP go too far with their voter suppression?

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The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! The Coming GOP Suicide



This week’s abbreviated assault on decency finds us highlighting all the ways the GOP is committing electoral suicide in just the last two weeks, marveling at how the Supreme Court voted against Big Pharma’s abuses not once but TWICE in decisions that will have immediate and far reaching benefits for the average Americans and how they might have just voted to make voting more difficult even as it seems to make it easier. Hmmmmm….

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Supreme Court Unamiously Rejects Corporate Greed

In case you missed this:

WASHINGTON — Human genes may not be patented, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday. The decision is likely to reduce the cost of genetic testing for some health risks, and it may discourage investment in some forms of genetic research.

The case concerned patents held by Myriad Genetics, a Utah company, on genes that correlate with an increased risk of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. The patents were challenged by scientists and doctors who said their research and ability to help patients had been frustrated.

This is a HUGE victory. What was happening is that companies would patent an important gene and then no one would allowed to use that information without paying very expensive fees to the company that discovered it if they allowed it at all.

Yes, companies that invest money into research should benefit from it but not at the cost of human lives. The BRAC test based on the the gene in dispute costs $3000. Can’t afford it? Too bad for you. Try not to get cancer, yeah? This is clearly not in the best interest of the public’s health.

Now, critics (Republicans) will cry that the Supreme Court will scare off investment in research. Bullshit. There’s still money to be made in discovering the genes that cause disease and misery and, not for nothing, there’s a quite a lot of government money being poured into medical research as well. Companies relying a little more on that instead of their own is perfectly fine so long as the populace benefits in the end. That’s what government is for: to use our collective resources to improve our lives.

Now who would object to that? Hmmmmm…..

How To Be Greedy And F**k Yourself In One Simple Step

Sit down my flock of filthy liberal scum and let ol’ Filthy here spin you a story. A story about greed and stupidity and how one company appears to have committed suicide.

Once upon a time there was a company named Game Stop (this is not the suicidal company in question) and they sold video games. They also sold used video games. Then, one day, some bright bulb at the home office realized just how much of a demand there was for those used games and they vastly expanded the market.

The video game companies like Sony and Microsoft did not like this. So they sued. Repeatedly.

They lost every time.

After several failed attempts to make Game Stop stop selling used games, it looked like Sony and Microsoft had given up. Especially in light of the fact that the used game market had expanded beyond Game Stop to other major video game retailers like Best Buy and Walmart.

But Microsoft had a plan!

When they released their next generation system, they would design it so games could ONLY be played on that system unless the customer paid Microsoft a fee to play it on another system. No more borrowing a friend’s game. No more playing your game over a friend’s house. Certainly no more of this buying a used game without Microsoft making a profit.

All seemed lost for the used game market.

But then Sony announced its next gen system and, having decided NOT to be greedy pricks, realized what a tremendous error Microsoft had made. If customers have a choice between freedom and greed, they’re going to go with freedom. Specifically, the freedom to buy and sell used games without Microsoft demanding a cut of the action. And so Sony has made quite a lot of noise about how you can still play used games or lend them to a friend on the Playstation 4.

If Microsoft does not rescind its scheme to profit from second hand games, it doesn’t take an economics degree to see that market will severely punish them for this. Why Microsoft did not sign a legal agreement with Sony beforehand so both would roll out this new “feature” at the same time is a mystery but it’s clear that they will suffer for it.

And as much as I love my Xbox, good. Fuck them and their greed. The very idea of a company telling me what to do with my game after I fork over $60 for it makes me want to puke. It’s mine. I can sell it, lend it or give it away and screw anybody that tries to tell me otherwise.

I hope Microsoft gets destroyed this round of the console wars. I hope they get their asses kicked so hard that Nintendo takes second place with its stupid Wii U. I hope they fail so badly that they finally remember that the players make the system; something they seem to have forgotten.

Maybe I’ll be able to play Halo 6 on my PS4…

And The IRS ‘Scandal’ Is Now Officially Over

Via The Chicago Tribune:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. Internal Revenue Service manager, who described himself as a conservative Republican, told congressional investigators that he and a local colleague decided to give conservative groups the extra scrutiny that has prompted weeks of political controversy.

In an official interview transcript released on Sunday by Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings, the manager said he and an underling set aside “Tea Party” and “patriot” groups that had applied for tax-exempt status because the organizations appeared to pose a new precedent that could affect future IRS filings.

Done. Stick a fork in it. Goodnight. Adios.

The ENTIRE basis for this “scandal” was supposed to be that the IRS, at the behest of that radical liberal Obama, was targeting conservative groups to shut them down. So far, the fact that not one of them was denied their tax exempt status despite clearly being a political organization didn’t quell the bullshit from the right.

But this really should be the end of it. If the media has a shred of integrity left in it, they will be blaring this from the rooftops. Then they should completely drop the IRS story outside of whether the IRS should start actually following the law says these groups must be”exclusively” about social issue and not “primarily” which has allowed con artists like Karl Rove to abuse the system.

This will now be my go to example of right wing dishonesty because I guarantee as I live and breathe, Darrell Issa will continue his witch hunt into how the White House was still somehow really behind all of this. Meanwhile, the conservative entertainment complex will simply ignore this revelation and keep insisting that people need to go to jail.

And Fox will never ever have the conservative Republican IRS agent on to discuss it. EVER.

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast!

This week’s episode where we join Fox’s Megyn Kelly in kicking Erick Erickson in the balls, puzzling out why the right is so afraid of women in the workplace and why they think stay at home dads are “less manly.” We also lament the passing of Michele Bachmann but cheer the GOP’s continued descent into madness, dissect what a bad idea it is to keep people’s DNA in a law enforcement database and laugh at just how much college students dislike the Republican Party.

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Outro: It’s All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married)

China Beats Us To The Future Sci-Fi Promised Us

Goddamn it and goddamn Republicans and their bullshit for stripping away the innovation and risk taking that used to be the hallmark of American strength.

As cities get more congested and spread outwards, their impact on the environment is ruinous. Mass transit can barely keep up and road traffic becomes nightmarish along with all of its fossil fuel consumption. One solution to this problem?

Build up, not out.

China has actually started construction on this behemoth while we’re busy letting our roads and bridges crumble because the GOP doesn’t want infrastructure spending to boost the economy.

Broad Sustainable Construction informs us that a long and arduous approval process has been completed, and that they are starting excavation and construction on Sky CIty in June, 2013.

Why build the world’s tallest building in the middle of a field in Changsha, China? Why build it at all? The answer, according to BSC, is that it is the most sustainable way to accommodate a growing population.

The numbers continue to stagger. In one building, there will be accommodation for 4450 families in apartments ranging from 645 SF to 5,000 SF, 250 hotel rooms, 100,000 SF of school, hospital and office space, totalling over eleven million square feet. The building footprint is only 10% of the site; the rest is open parkland.

There’s more: The building is designed to be earthquake resistant to Magnitude 9, and to a 3 hour fire resistance rating, provided by ceramics installed around the structure. 16,000 part time and 3,000 full time workers will prefabricate the building for four months and assemble on site in three months. The Broad system is based on prefabricated floor panels that ship with everything need to go 3D packed along with it, so they are not shipping a lot of air. It all just bolts together. BSC claims that by building this way, they eliminate construction waste, lost time managing trades, keep tight cost control and can build at a cost 50% to 60% less than conventional construction.

If you build five of these in a two square mile area, you have the entire population of Salt Lake City living comfortably in one fiftieth of the space. And no smog. Although it would make it easier for the Mormons to knock on your door and annoy you. 

The Sky City is 838 meters. By way of comparison, the new World Trade Center is 541 meters. Sky City is almost 3 full football field lengths taller.

I imagine tech companies (among others) would be VERY interested in this idea. You can have all of your employees and their families right there. Mom and dad could zip off during lunch to see the kids, thus relieving a good deal of the stress on family life. People would be much more loyal to the company lest they have to move to what amounts to a completely different city for a new job.

Would the benefits outweigh the negatives? I guess we’ll find out. Too bad we had to wait for another country to screw up the courage to try it. The country of boldness is rapidly being reduced to a sad has-been by right wing fear and timidity. No wonder all the good sci-fi shows paint a future ruled by Asian culture…