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Insane Plane Crash Kills 7 Americans In Afghanistan. Conspiracy Theories In 3…2…1

I seen a lot of footage of plane crashes (hey, morbid fascination, deal with it) but I’ve never seen a plane just fall out of the sky like this. It’s like the string on a kite was cut. The upside, if you can call it that, is that it was a cargo plane and “only” seven people were aboard.

I’ve seen suggestions that the vehicles being transported broke loose during takeoff and the sudden redistribution of weight to the rear of the plane caused the nose to tilt up sharply causing the plane to stall. Others are blaming nearby thunderstorms.

Any conspiracy nuts that work this into their sick mythology should choke to death on their own bile. Just saying.

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast! Malicious Gays And Libertarian Bashing


This week’s episode in which we put Ron Paul and the Libertarian philosophy up on a pedestal…and hit them with a tactical nuke. In the wreckage you’ll find clear evidence that Ron Paul is a racist homophobe, a liar who surrounds himself with other racist scumbags and a con man. And that’s just the first 15 minutes.

It gets worse from there. We had entirely too much fun this week. It might almost qualify as pornography!

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The audio version is at the bottom for your listening pleasure.

This is the Yamuna River in Yamuna. The foam is pollution. CLEARLY, the EPA serves no purpose because no one would EVER do this to a river without regulations to stop them.

This is the Yamuna River in India. That’s not snow. It’s pollution. CLEARLY, the EPA serves no purpose because no one would EVER do this to a river without regulations to stop them. You know, except when they do.

The Terrorists Are Unstoppable!

Via Think Progress:

INGRAHAM: What do you say to Joe Scarborough, all these other people who say, under your theory Senator Inhofe, a terrorist — someone in the country who wants to be a terrorist — nothing is stopping him from going into a gun show and getting a gun from a none licensed dealer….

INHOFE: Well, the terrorist, they are a part of, not by definition part of a criminal, because they are terrorists, but I would say the same thing is true for terrorists that is for criminals. And that is, if someone in the United States of America or any other place too the criminal element or the terrorist element they will be able to get those. The problem I have is that any restrictions, such as the ones we voted against last week, would have the effect of reducing the number of firearms nationwide and would disproportionately reduce them for law abiding citizens, that’s what I would say to Joe Scarborough.

No law ever stopped a criminal from doing anything! EVER! That’s why terrorists are constantly attacking American cities with grenades and flamethrowers and fully automatic machine guns! Oh wait, they only attack with stuff they can get easily because they don’t want to attract attention. Making it harder to get makes it more likely they will raise a red flag and be caught before anyone dies. Plain, simple and irrefutable logic.

But that makes it harder for regular citizens! They might have to wait an extra day or two! That’s tyranny! Oppression! Nazis! GENOCIDE!

It’s amazing how easily conservatives find it to make voting harder for regular citizens to “protect” elections but god forbid you make it a little harder to get a gun to protect people from terrorists. Terorrists! You know, the greatest threat ever ever EVER as far as the GOP is concerned? Apparently. that’s not important when there’s guns to sell to dickless gun nuts looking to butch up.

BTW, did you catch Inhofe trying to dance around calling terrorists “criminals?” Can’t say that or you lose your “Take away their constitutional rights!” talking point…

The GOP’s Shrinking Future

Via Political Wire:

Jeb Bush: “The conventional wisdom coming from the 2012 election was the Republican Party is in decline. We lost on messaging, tone and policies that alienated growing minority communities. What that narrative misses is that conservative principles and Republican leadership are thriving in the states, providing the way forward for the GOP.”

“There now are 30 Republican governors, the highest number in 13 years. In 26 states, Republicans hold a majority of the seats in both the House and Senate chambers.”

Yeah, thanks to extreme gerrymandering and voter suppression. Also, people are not as active at the state level so it’s easy for a handful of Tea Party fanatics to sway elections.

Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing awareness that state politics matter, too. With every pro-business, pro-1%, anti-middle class, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-democracy and anti-minority bill the GOP forces through against the will of their constituents, the more people realize that their state has been hijacked by lunatics who only obey their own ideology and the hell with everyone else.

How long does ol’ Jeb think that’s going to last? In a decade or two, the GOP will have reduced itself to a strictly regional party in the Deep South. Actually less as Texas turns purple and Florida turns blue. Those remaining states will be poorly run and the rest of the country will be thankful we never let the GOP do that to the entire country for very long.

The Terrorists (The NRA) Are Winning

From Think Progress:

School districts in Colorado, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and California are already stocking up on bulletproof supplies, and one school in Maryland has amassed 80 ballistic shields in its classrooms. None of this equipment comes cheap, and the backpacks are only meant to stop a bullet from a handgun, not assault weapons like the one used in Newtown. A 2006 study of school shootings also raises questions of whether security measures like metal detectors are even effective.

Psychiatrists warn that militarizing schools could cause long-term harm to children. “This is serving to increase their fear and their suspicion of their peers,’’ a psychiatry director told the Associated Press.

You know how the favorite refrain of the gun nuts is “None of these proposed laws would have stopped Newtown!”? The Newtown killer walked up and killed most of those children at close range. Even with a vest, it wouldn’t have helped. Funny how you don’t hear the gun nuts mocking how pointless these measures are when there’s money to be made. It’s almost like certain groups want parents to be so afraid, they’ll grasp at any illusion of safety. Said illusion to come at a steep price, of course.

Obamacare Will ALWAYS Be On The GOP’s Hit List

Via Politicalwire:

David Drucker: “To repeal or dismantle? That is the internal debate roiling House Republicans as they plot their strategy on the landmark 2010 health care law, as its implementation accelerates.”

“House GOP leaders are pushing their conference to embrace a series of messaging bills altering or dismantling pieces of the law to publicize for voters what Republicans argue are the statute’s many failed and damaging policies. Their goal is to turn the law into an issue they can use against Democrats in the 2014 midterms.”

“But rank-and-file Republicans, particularly freshmen and sophomore members, worry that any legislation to repeal a portion of the law could be interpreted by their constituents as strengthening it.”

Do they really believe that Obamacare will destroy the economy? Or that it really has death panels? Of course not. What they’re afraid of is that it will work. If fully implemented and done correctly, Obamacare will lower healthcare costs across the country. People will not go bankrupt as often when they or a loved one get sick. People will start to notice a distinct improvement in their lives and tell other people. This will put the lie to everything the GOP has ever said about the new set of laws. In time, when the Democrats push to refine and improve the system, it will become increasingly difficult for Republicans to demonize it much the same way they cannot openly criticize Medicare even as they seek to kill it. Sooner or later, people will realize that single payer or “Medicare for all” is far superior to allowing the insurance industry to profit off of our illness.

THAT’S the real reason the GOP hates Obamacare, they’re afraid of government that works FOR the people instead of profiting off of them; the very opposite of what the modern Republican Party stands for.


The Next Podcast Is Going To be AWESOME!

Ever hear of Lew Rockwell? He’s Ron Paul’s partner in crime in promoting the Libertarian movement. And guess what? He’s on the board of Ron Paul’s brand spanking new think tank!

Via The Daily Beast (via Bob Cesca):

On April 17, Paul announced the creation of a new think tank, the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, which, according to its website, “continues and expands Dr. Paul’s lifetime of public advocacy for a peaceful foreign policy and the protection of civil liberties at home.” Sitting on the advisory board is none other than Rockwell.

Glenn, the Fat Smug Bastard, is particularly fond of dumping of Lew Rockwell and he will squeal like a little girl when he finds out about this.

I hearby pronounce this coming Monday’s podcast to be “Poop on the Pauls Day.” We’re going to devote almost all of next week’s episode to destroying the delusions that Ron and Rand Paul supporters have about their great savior.

Awww…GOP Anti-Immigrant Bill Dying A Slow Death. So Sad!

I’m sure the racist scumbag wing of the GOP is very upset about this:

Despite lobbying by anti-immigration groups like the Federation for American Immigration Reform,NumbersUSA, and U.S. Border Control, the number of co-sponsors for the proposed Birthright Citizens Act has dropped significantly over the past several Congresses. The proposal, sponsored by Rep. Steve King (R-IA) would prevent the children of undocumented immigrants from becoming citizens – in direct violation of the 14th Amendment.

When the proposal was first introduced in 2007, then-Rep. Nathan Deal (R-GA) enlisted 104 co-sponsors — 102 of them Republicans. His 2009 version attracted 95 co-sponsors. After Deal’s election to the Georgia governorship, King took over as chief sponsor in 2011 and got 90 Republican co-sponsors. Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) introduced a Senate version with four GOP co-sponsors.

The GOP: The Party Of Constitutional Worship. At least until they need to rile up their hardcore racist base with nativism and immigrant bashing. It’s amazing how quickly they try to override the pieces they just don’t like. Of course, the deep fear the right has of Latinos is well founded. They been insulting the entire ethnicity for so long they’ll never support the GOP at the ballot if only out of spite. Los pollos vuelven a casa a dormir, putos.

Personally, I can’t WAIT until the GOP gives up on bashing Latinos and focuses on the Chinese instead. I think they’re going to find they’ll have bit off more than they can chew and I ain’t talking about egg rolls!


Today In GOP Misogyny…

Via ThinkProgress:

Steve Kush, executive director of the Bernalillo County Republican Party in New Mexico, took to Twitter on Tuesday to verbally abuse a 19-year-old Working America volunteer who testified in favor of raising the minimum wage. Bernalillo County, the largest county in New Mexico, was considering a proposal to increase the county minimum wage from $7.50 to $8.50.


Wow. One whole dollar! That’s radical! And not in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle way.

But really? Chick? Bitch? I can’t even imagine why women are disgusted by the GOP.

The only way he could have made it worse would have to make inappropriate comments about her looks. Oh wait…


Just remember, there is no GOP war on women. They LOVE women! Why, they wouldn’t at all mind slappin’em on the ass or complimenting their cleavage. It’s what any misogynist douchebag red-blooded American male would do!

Koch Brothers Really Are Controlling The Right Wing

You know how conservatives are always babbling about the evil super-genius George Soros and how he’s undermining America with his money and power? Just for the record, I’m STILL waiting for my first paycheck as part of the vast left wing conspiracy to destroy America.

Anyway, all the Soros whining always strikes me as a desperate attempt to justify the numerous billionaires that are bankrolling numerous “grassroots” organizations like the Tea Party. If we’re doing it then it MUST be OK for the Koch brothers to buy elections, right?


Mother Jones obtained details of an upcoming Koch brothers retreat where they “will unveil a new plan to recruit and train political candidates who will advance their free-market worldview. Another priority is improving the conservative movement’s outreach to ‘growing demographics’ such as Latinos, young people, and women.”

“Another big item on the Kochs’ agenda is a long-awaited post-mortem on last year’s elections. Charles Koch announced in December that he was pushing back the winter retreat from January to late April so that an internal review of his circle’s election strategies could be completed.”

Imagine if then name “Koch” had been replaced with “Soros.” There would congressional hearings, lawsuits, death threats and all kinds of frothing anger from the paranoid right wing. But as long as it’s the right wing Kochs? Meh. Who cares?

I wonder if the right will ever figure out that the Kochs are not interested in making their lives “freer” and certainly not better. The Kochs are interested in establishing an American Aristocracy in which the rich can openly dictate the lives of the little people instead of having to hide and bribe politicians.