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Are You Prepped For The Presidential Debate?

You should be. It’s on Wednesday and it’s going to be an exercise is squirming. I have this horrible feeling Mitt’s going to make me feel REALLY embarrassed for him. Apparently he’s practicing “zingers” which will be absolutely awful if he doesn’t deliver them correctly. Unfortunately, Mitt is one of the worst public speakers to hit the stage in years. He’s fine reading from a script, he’s fine in front of his .01% buddies but not so fine under pressure. The awkward laughs, the gaffes, the stiff mannerisms will all be on display Wednesday.

The zingers will be terrible because it will be just as obvious as Palin’s “There you go again, Joe” crack. And it will fall just as flat. Mitt is spontaneous the same way a conservative is compassionate towards a single black lesbian mother. In fact, the Romney campaign is already lowering everyone’s expectations. And unlike Sarah Palin’s extremely lowered bar, in which all she had to do was not drool on herself, Romney won’t have the luxury of just showing up to the debate to claim “victory.” It’s going to be cringe worthy.

At the same time, I’ll want to throttle the lying bastard because he’s going to be slinging the bullshit like the Koch brothers dish out bribes. Fortunately, or UNfortunately for Romney, Obama will be standing right there and will be more than happy to tear Mitt a new one. Clinton showed him the way to debunk the right and that’s with simple and indisputable facts. I’m going to have my popcorn ready and Twitter fired up!

What’s With All This Voter Registration Fraud?

Really, it’s a whole lot of thunder but no lightning. Mostly.

Here’s the thing about voter registration fraud: it doesn’t really do anything. If I falsify 100,000 registrations it doesn’t really matter much since those people won’t be showing up to vote. I made them up. This is a recurring problem when people are paid to go out and get people to sign up; if you pay them per name, you are guaranteeing that they’ll be making up a few (or more if they’re greedy and stupid). This is what the company Strategic Allied Consulting, hired by the RNC is several states is accused of. This is also what ACORN, that nefarious “stealer of elections” was accused of. In the latter case, the GOP and its right wing media arm, Fox News, used the government to shut it down. I wonder if they’ll put that much effort into shutting down SAC?

Yeah, right!

Part of the reason the left is making such a big deal out of it is because the right set the precedent and now it has to face its own standards. This is something the right NEVER likes to do and they will spare no effort to make this seem like the non-event it is. They will do this without a hint of irony over their previous hand-wringing over ACORN.

The other part of the controversy is that SAC is dirty as hell. Via

It’s not the first time Nathan Sproul, owner of Strategic Allied Consulting, has been accused of shady dealings. In 2004 and 2008 his firms– formerly known as Sproul & Associates, Lincoln Strategy, and Strategic Allied Consultants–were accused of throwing out Democratic registration forms and manipulating ballots. Democratic Senators Leahy and Kennedy sent a letter to then Attorney General John Ashcroft requesting he “launch an immediate investigation into the activities of Mr. Sproul and his firm”, according to an NBC report. The request did not lead to any criminal charges against Sproul.

Gee, Bush’s DOJ didn’t investigate actual election fraud that benefited Republicans? You don’t say…

You can bet if it benefited Democrats, though, the right would be threatening civil war.

This will be one of the dirtiest elections ever run in this country and that’s saying a lot. It tells you something very fundamental about Republicans and conservatives in that, for a group that screams about their love of democracy and the Constitution, they are eager to piss on both. They don’t care about the rule of law; they care about power and control. They would gladly turn the United States into a third world banana republic with rigged elections if they could.

If you live in a swing state or a state with a close Congressional race, keep an eye out for people trying to chase voters away and keep a VERY close eye on electronic voting machines if possible. This is possibly their last chance to steal a major election and they’ll be going whole hog to do it.

Sunday Morning Blasphemy! Kosher Sausage Egg McMuffins!

Those look delicious!

Shep Smith Is About To Kick Someone’s Ass Over Suicide Shown Live On Fox

A look of pure disgust.

Seriously, how does the guy in front of the camera have a better reaction time than the people in the studio whose entire job it is is to keep inappropriate stuff off of live TV?

Here’s Shepard Smith apologizing and trying not to rage out over a suicide being shown live on Fox:

I can’t imagine he didn’t have whoever he was talking to at the beginning of the clip fired.

Side note: Some sites are presenting this as “Fox Shows Live Suicide!” as if they did it on purpose. Very tacky guys. VERY tacky. If it was Fox & Friends MAYBE, but Shep? You should know better and it’s unfair.

I Have A Bad Feeling About Election Day

The GOP has a losing hand. We know it, they know it. Romney makes Palin look like a surefire win and the debates are going to seal his fate. He’s failing so badly that he’s dragging the Senate and House races down with him.

The next forty days are going to see an unprecedented voter suppression effort. The election fraud is going to be blatant and stunning. The Fat Smug Bastard is right about this; the Obama administration did almost nothing to investigate the numerous election “irregularities” from the 2008 and 2010 elections. Now the right will be emboldened. Maybe some the most egregious incidents will be looked in to but the rest will go unchallenged.

This is the last hurrah for the Southern Strategy and the right is worried (rightfully so) that having to really appeal to minority voters will doom them electorally for years until enough people forget their deeply racist past. Their best chance of winning this cycle is to strip, steal and suppress as much of the Democratic vote as possible. They’re going to pull out all the stops and it’s going to be up to us to keep it under control.

It’s not going to be much of a problem where I live. New York is not a swing state but in Florida, Ohio and the rest of the states Mitt MUST win? There’s going to be robocalls telling voters to vote on Wednesday, Nov. 7. There will be registration drives that “lose” Democratic forms. On election day, there will be “concerned citizens” harassing minorities for their ID. These are the ones you can confront personally. Challenge them. Argue with them. Make a scene. Let everyone know that they’re there to chase people away from the polls that CAN legally vote. Have them arrested if they’re breaking the law. Waste their time like they’re trying to waste everyone else’s. They’re not there to “protect the vote,” they’re there to run out the clock and tie up the lines until people get frustrated and leave. Don’t let them.

They want to steal this election and only those of you in strategic states can do anything about it. Don’t just vote, help others vote as well.

Early Morning NIN! Hurt Live

Someday I need to see Trent live, damn the ringing in my ears!

Economy Doing Better Under Obama Than Previously Thought


And the bad news for the GOP continues to roll in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly tweaks the numbers they’ve released. Every month they add or subtract X amount of jobs from the month before’s numbers as they’ve accumulated additional data. Today they released an annual correction based off of corporate records collected every year.

The result? The total number of jobs created between March 2011 and March 2012 is 386,000 higher than previously reported. This puts the country into the plus column for job creation since Obama took office. Meaning that we’ve regained and exceeded the number of jobs lost since January 2009. We’re still in the hole overall since we’re barely keeping up with population growth but it shows that it took the Obama administration less than 4 years to repair the immediate damage of the Bush economic disaster. And that was WITH the worst obstructionism seen since the Civil War. Imagine how much better off we would be if the GOP hadn’t plotted to make the country suffer for political gain from day one of Obama’s presidency?

Remember that when you go vote on November (or decide to sit it out in protest). The GOP literally did everything in its power to slow the recovery and Obama STILL dragged the economy back from the edge. But I’m sure a protest vote from angry liberals because of drones or the NDAA or whatever will fix everything.

BTW, expect the right to absolutely ignore this or pretend that the same numbers they were happily touting when they fit the right’s narrative are no longer “trustworthy” now that they benefit Obama.

The Filthy Liberal Scum Podcast: Mitt’s Super Bad Awful Week Of Doom

This week’s liberal madness in which we discuss Mitt Romney’s worst week ever, the Democratic Party talking about taking back the House from the Tea Party, how close the race to keep the Senate is, the right entering full denial mode and making up its own polls to make it look like Romney is “winning” and the impending end of the GOP and replacement by the “Libertarian Party.”

As always, this podcast needs your help! Share us! Tweet us! Digg us! Spread us around like a delicious liberal cream cheese!

Douchebag Of The Day: Tim ‘Don’t Do Stupid Things’ Pawlenty

Awarded for the following statement about banksters from

“I said, ‘Stop doing stupid things,’” Pawlenty said while sitting in the Roundtable’s Washington offices.

“These are large organizations with tens of thousands of employees in many cases. There is always going to be some individual doing something that’s off track. That’s human nature. But the obligation and the opportunity of the organizations is to put controls in place and a culture in place that minimizes the likelihood of that, but does it voluntarily.”

Pawlenty is pretending that the problem with Wall St. is just “a few bad eggs.” Absolute bullshit. This was a systemic pattern of greed and fraud that was approved at the highest levels of power in the banking industry. To suggest otherwise is to say that the entire financial system is so fragile that a few dozen mid level employees brought the world’s economy to its knees. It also says that the CEOs were so incompetent that they were hoodwinked by those same “few bad apples” but still “earned” those massive bonuses they got AFTER their companies went bankrupt. I would pay money to see Pawlenty explain that one away.

The truth is that Pawlenty knows exactly what happened and he knows, for a fact, that the problem is a culture of corruption and lies that is encouraged by the high muckity mucks on Wall St. They know that they’ve got world over a barrel. They own the entirety of the GOP and far too much of the Democratic Party, both of whom will make sure Wall St. doesn’t have to pay for its “mistakes” that cost us billions but costs them nothing.

Socialize the risk, privatize the gain. It’s the American way.

The Slippery Slope Of Conservative ‘Values’

There’s this neat trick that conservatives do in their brains; they separate the consequences of their policies from both the real world and from each other. What I mean is, a conservative will call for cutting food stamps to “save money” but ignore the reality that children and adults that lack proper nutrition have poorer health and those costs far outstrip the “savings” from cutting food stamps in the first place. Further, children lacking proper nutrition grow up developmentally stunted and are more likely to be low income citizens in need of government assistance, leading to a rise in crime when that assistance is cut by conservatives. This is a 2+2=4 situation but conservatives are incapable (or unwilling) to do the math.

Keeping this in mind, I give you Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills), chairman of the House Appropriations Committee in Arizona.

Arizona, as you probably know, is a paradise of conservative ideals. They’ve run rampant punishing the poor for the excesses of the rich, they’ve pushed abstinence only courses in schools and have passed some of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the country. To Kavanagh’s surprise, this has somehow lead to an increase in births paid for by Medicaid. The Arizona Republic quotes Kavanagh as saying, ”I had no idea that the number had grown to that ridiculous level. That’s shocking and depressing.”

But don’t worry! He has some definite ideas about how to solve this dilemma:

Kavanagh wondered if Arizona was being too generous with the benefits, but said he’d need to look into it further. “If we compared these figures to 20 years ago or 10 years ago and we corrected benefit levels, do we have a difference?” he asked. “If the difference is truly caused by giving more people access to AHCCCS, then it could be a political question.”

And there’s the disconnect. Arizona has cut social services, all but banned abortion and made sure that people are uneducated about contraception. And when the birth rate among the poor spikes as a result, Republicans think about how to stop helping those people they put into that situation in the first place. I’ll bet my left foot that if you were to ask Kavanagh if Arizona’s regressive sex ed. and abortion policies had anything to do with the problem he would deny it with his last breath.

This is what makes conservativsm so dangerous: they only look at the ideology, not the reality and certainly not how their “solutions” interact to compound the problem.